My autopsy

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Chapter 2

The nect morning of the abduction Herbert West MD thats what he liked to be called said that he want to get to know me and for me to get to know him. Upon looking at his face i found that hos right side of his face was burned and left scarring though he looked intelligent not evil. He said that he originally as a kid when to be an FBI agent but was cast into this job because of certain circumstances (his mental "illnesses"). He kept stroking my faceand hair trying to kiss me as he talked. He said that if i resisted or act like i didnt love him that he you lobotomize me by killing off apart of my brain. Freak out i didnot know what do but kiss him back. He said that as a kid that he would cum at the smell of decomposing flesh and would do unnatural things to himself and left roting animals in his room thst he kept from disecting for fun. I was able to smell that off him.

He said that he neber met someone so sweet and beautiful nor had a beautiful woman in the autopsy suite to fullfil his fantasies and to make love to. He forcefully grabbed my wrist and draged me out of the dungeon and showed me around the county morgue. He showed me his office that he more less lived in and then to the autopsy suit. He came close to me and kissed me while undressing me telling me that most girls bullied him and that if i didnt act like i liked it he would cut my skin....that i wouldnt see my friends and family again.

Herbert then layed me out on the slab and climbed on top of me with his pecker out as he forced himself inside me, threatening me with the scalpel as he kissed me. I tried to look away as he thrusted into me but saw the scalpel and tealized i wad fucked.

He kissed me and saying that he loved me with all his DNA and said sorry for threatening me. He was in tears. That was one i knew something was more than off.

I also started to have feelings for this crazy son of a bitch. His tears falling on my chest and face. I kreach for his head and kiss him slowly and gently. He licked my lips and i his. Soon we kissed like lovers and making love instead of fucking.

He said that soon h had to take me to his office to keep me his secret pet, while he did an autopsy. He kissed me and said that he would like me to be his autopsy assistant not just his lover. With is knowledge he took me to his office and we made out until he said he really had to leave. I was actually said about him leaving me for a few hours.he told me to read up on how to help with autopsies which i did. I spent hours pining for him and reading...when he came back i was overwhelmed and overjoyed. I wanted to kiss him. Is this Stockholm syndrome or worse love.

Dr. West said that he would take me to his home where we lived. Though not much loving happened as after we made love he said he had to go out to the cemetery with co workers.

What the fuck. The next morning he would make love to me...then he took me to his work place the morgue.

This guy should be in an asylum or something.

I soon found out that he and his goulish friends were experimenting on both the living and the dead trying to make the perfect zombie. I wasn't sure to be horrified or turned on.

Herbert said that he wantec to part take after our evening loving making to test my forensic and medical skills.

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