My autopsy

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Chapter 3

That night Herbert and i made sweet love. I told him that i was afraid of his friends. He said that they are not bad people. He tried to comfort me with kisses and holding me close to him. I could hear the HBO show six feet under on the of his favorites.

"Herbert, darling coroner, " i ask teasing his nipple with my finger. " do you mind if i test my skills on you my love?"

He said thst could. Finally i didn't have to fake loving was true blue.

I traced the y incision with my tounge teasing his nipples on the way down where i put his fleshy needle into my mouth and teade and sucked until he came in my mouth and swalled it. Some of his cum was dripping off my lips. I went to kiss him where he licked off my lips

"Good girl," he said as he kissed me on the forehead. "I love you dear with all my DNA"

As he felt my soft breasts, i told him that i love him with all of my DNA.

I started to complain about who was my boy he had no time for me or how he didnt know about my problem.

"I did," Herbert said. We almost kissed, our lips were touching when the door bell rang. "Time to go my darling, common lets get dressed."

I was about to fall asleep when he said that. And so i got dressed whishing i was high.

That thought would serve me well. As we went to the cemetery.

There he and his friends disindentured the body of an old woman. My thoughts were that could have easily been my grand mother. I didn't know weather to cry or puke.

I ran but Herbert noticed and ran after me , tackled me and threatened me saying i would be next and slapped me that my lip sprang blood.

When he saw that he kissed me roughly as if to suck the blood and then went to continue his goulish activity. I just cried.

Then i heard his voice saying "common retard!"

I ran after them fearing another strike or name. How could a doctor call someone a retard, or slap someone whom he loved. This was hurtful behavior. When I got back with the cruel bunch i found out that they were waiting for me to cute into the body. This was illegal organ trafficking and i was involved. I had no experience at all except for the books i read in his office. So there i was in an makeshift autopsy room doing something i have no interest in and exercise in. I was a street girl not a pathologist.

Herbert before giving me the scalpel....kissed it as if it were my hand. Handed it to me and said that he promised that we would use this room for love making only.

When all was done, herbert winked at me....his scars making him look evil.

"Stay here darling, until i get back"

A few mintues later he returned, i got on the slsb with him following me. I had no choice but to forget what happened. But it was difficult. We made out and.

Our tounges dancing as he slipped his flesh into me...thrusting into me as we kiss, making me moan. All the way he said he wanted to start s family with me. Two daughters named Dana and Herberta.

Then he went and gave me oral sex. I could feel his glasses face and probing yet loving tounge as it went in and out.

That was when i really wanted to be wity this goulish doctor i thought as i climaxed and came.

"Ever been finger fucked with a latex gloved hand" he ask as he licked my nipples. I had to say no i have not.

"You'll enjoy it," he said. I passed out in sheer horror and pleasure as he fell asleep in my arms.

In the next day Herbert was gone to work. I never saw him until the night.

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