My autopsy

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Chapter 4

I spent the day sleeping...hoping that everything else other than the love making were a nightmare. Its a night mare without my beloved Herbert. I was alseep on the couch when i hear a familiar creepy loving voice and gentle foot steps when i awoke from my slumber. Groggy i said, i said his pet name which was his last name West.

"Nightingale i am glaf your not upset with me,"he said as he was eating a sandwich. I did not mean to act that my darling." He was close to tears...i took the sandwich away thinking he might choke on it, and he appreciated that. We kissed tenderly and passionately.

"Lets go to the morgue," he said. " i have reserved an autopsy room for the two of us...nothing creepy." We were holding hands, i looked up at him and smiled.

"Ok West" i kissed him back. Tracing on his scars. "One did you get the scars?"

"My father slammed my face into a cooking element that was white hot as a punishment for my dissecting and keeping of dead animals when i was a boy." He said. "Although i took a shower he hated the smell of decomp and then i was put in foster care until he got anger management. I hade to do go for therapy.....i dont want to talk about it." He said

When we got the morgue he promised that he would let me in on his goulish nighttime activities. As we walk to the autopsy room he held my hand. When he got there he asked if i wanted him to keep his lab coat on or not. I said yes and i got undressed and kissed.

Herbert kissed all over my body as if to worship me as some goddess.

As he got my womanhood he said that i was his hygieia and that he was my submissive hippocrates. And continues to kiss my womanhoodhe said yet again that he loved me with all his DNA.

I couldn't hear because i was in intense pleasure. Never knew the ceepy and deranged people made the best lovers.

I told him to get off his knees and led him to the slab where he layed on inbiting me to ride his hardness. He couldn't say no to him.

I climb on top of him and rode his flesh as he kissed me and my breasts. Licking them.

I wish i could spend my life with this freak of nature. But he said that he wanted to be with me for eternity.

He kissed me will slipping a ring on my finger.

"I want you to be my bride not just an autopsy assistant, but my love," he said. "It was my great grandmother's ring...she was a female coroner in the old days. I thought you would like it."

"Love it. I love you West."

He told me to keep it close to my heart.

I held his lips o mine and we kissed. I was grinding my hips against his soft flesh until it turned hard...the best feeling in the world.

I spent remainder of the after noon in his office looking at this ring. This meant that i was goung to be his wife...i wish my family knew about this but then they would have known about my habbumit and secret job as a hooker. And they would approve me being with a mad man.

A part of me wanted me to call them to tell that i was fine and in love. So i picked up the phone begin to dail the house number and i was able to tell my loved ones that i was fine and that i was going to married and be someones wife and assistant. They were just glad i was alive. But i didnt tell how everything came about. I knew i couldn't visit them anymore.

When it was time to return to West's home i ask if him if he'd spent the night with me and only the whole night. He didnt answer me but kissed me and said he had another project to do.

"Tomorrow my love," he said and left it hate that.

That night some of his fellow MEs came to the house in the middle of the night with out sounded by the cries and begging a ternage girl. Then i heard her scream at the sound of a drill. I would hear the drill two more times and then someone say pour the acid in the drill holes. Then i heard the girl moan. Concerned, a little late on my parent i saw downstairs the gouls and my lover in a cert looking at a real life zombie. I couldnt believe this.

Then herbert said that finially he can have some to do to the chores and help with his new family.

Terrified i ran out of the house and went to the neighbor's who hated the ME's guts to begin with and allowed me to call the police.

The next day when west was at work i brought the police over and showed them the makeshift autopsy/ operating theater thats is our basement. Like me they were floored. But the real surprise was one the zombie came out and attacked on of the officers.

I never mentioned this to my beloved herbert but acted warm and loving to him so he wouldn't do the same to me.

When he was asleep i ran off home. The zombie in my opinion was just to much. Id rather him fucking another woman it was that bad. When i got home i decribed herbert and everyone at the MEs office and came clean about my addiction and my job. They were concerned.

They too callled the police on my once lover. I told them everything about the bastard.

Soon there was news of finding decent and different people to work in the morgue and that everyone working there was arrested for everything from torture to abuse of a corpse to kidnapping.

I didnt want to leave the house or eat and soon had to go into therapy and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.. a life sentence and psychosis. I am not on meds but they dont work worth a shit. As the smallest thing will set me off.

The worst thing was that i kept wearing that fucked up ring. I guess a part of me was still in love with him.

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