My autopsy

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Chapter 5

Tonight i was back in my girl hold bed room....hoping that i would have a good nights sleep. But things keep flying through my brain like an airport. Things like the break up of my ex, my addiction, my captor/love of my life. The things i had witnessed over the past few months when my family thought i was dead. All of this kept runing round and a round like a rodent in a wheel. Soon i could have sworn i heard herberts face: crazed but loving. I woke up in the middle of the night crying out for herbert then my parents. My parents had to give me my prn pill so i can sleep through out the night. I remember learning about nero going through the same thing when he killed his wife....only i didn't kill anyone. Will not directly. I wonder how herbert was doing as i sleeping. I couldnt believe this. We were in love.

The next morning i woke up and threw up but didnt think anything of it until it happened every moring and i lost my month annoyance. Thats when i realized that i had herberts monster growing in me. I had to tell my parents of my pregnancy. They had me get checked up and soon found out that i was with child....a girl. I couldn't abort the baby because of my catholic up beinging and it would hurt herbert dearly. I did what i was promised and named the girl Dana, i think that was the name.

So i was not only stuck with a reminder of my incident on my finger but also inside me. My father called me a slut. Yet i couldnt leave.

That was until i wake up to a letter

It rwad

My loving Love

How are you doing my nightingale.

I hope you are will. I want you to know that i deeply sorry for the incidents that happened that involved the cops. I just want you to know that i love you with all my DNA. Please come back, my love.

Herbert West MD

For the mext few days i had many letters like that from him. As if he were making love to me through these letters. My father asked if he was the father, and i said yes.

He told me to go back to him as i was damanged goods. So i went to the house i never though id be in fromt of again. I walked up the door and knocked.

Herbert answered and embraced me. Kissed me. I said that i was kicked ourt of my family and had now where to go to. He cried and apologized. He told me that his Mangele like experiments stopped and he had to fire his quote friends or it was jail and loss of his job. He said he wouldn't abuse his position any more. He kissed me once again. He left the makeshift autopsy room for the two of us to make love instead of trouble.

When herbert showed me that dreaded place. It still smelt of death and blood. It was a wonder that he didnt get the death penalty. The place was still fully equipped. But he promised that there will not goulish activity.

I told him that i was carrying his daughter and he was overjoyed and kissed me deeply yet passionately. Not only did our tounges touch but so did our tears. His of joy , mine of sorrow. Thought i should have been happy to be with him. I wasn't. He undressed me and was whispering loving thing and kissed me until we got to the slab where he spread my legs and gave me his special kisses. This went on until i cum and he wasn't just eating me but drinking me.

I stroked his hair and told him that i loved him. I crawled up on me and kissed me saying that i was very special to him and that he loved me.

"Would you like to go to medical school for forensic pathology if i put you throught it financially...then train your internship?" He said playing with my hair. "I would like to have a co worker no just a lover, you are just as gifted as i."

"I would love that West." I said kissing him.

"Agreed," herbert said. If only my parent knew what would become of me. Love West assisstance ME....I liked the thought of it.

We sleep in our bed after making love. Herbert tutored me in what i needed to know before pre med and in med school. During that time i gave birth to dana and then as much as i loved her i had to continue my education and herberts tutoring.

Herbert said that he wanted to marry me during a tutoring session...again a ringer from his great grandmother. But instead of black onyx like the other wring that i am wearing, they were diamonds. I said i do. And a few days we got married....the honeymoon was non existent but we romantic still.

He wanted to be with me in my dorm so i wouldnt miss him at night.

Seven years later, dana was emotionally complex, a graduate with my MD and took the oath.

The person who ran up on the stage as i walk with my doctorite was my loving husband herbert. Dana could have cared less as that woman was her mother?

Dana was going to be a difficult child and person to deal with and i soon i had to put her with my parents as i couldnt deal with her hatred toward me and my job. I just hope that she rurns out right.

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