My autopsy

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Chapter 6

I wanted Dana to live with my parents becsuse of her worrisome behaviour. She was lighting matches and killing and dissecting some all animals and doing horrific experiments with cats that she called games. She seemed to be the spawn of satan because herbert and i had ignored her during my medical schooling. But thr time she was 13 she got into many mortal brawls with other girls, got into drugs and gangs and had a vile temper. When she was 15 she killed my mother because my mother said the word doctor and tried to stab my father. I was the one that performed the autopsy on my mother, which wad a somber moment for me thinking it was my fault. My mothet esd tortured to death by someone the size of an Ebola virus mote or less. Small kid.

I writen Dana off and handed her to police who was seeking the death penalty for her actions. It took a week to find and give the ultimate penalty to my daughter who said " you can't kill me i am already dead." To the judge. I was horrified that i didnt give her the love and respect that a mother should given. And i said that to the whole court during her sentencing. Before they took her away the last thing she said to me was "i fucking hate you doctor!"

She said the same thing before she died at the state's hands. She was the first 18 yearold to be put to death.

As the medical examiner i asked for her body back for autopsy. But herbert and i devastated did every experiment in the world until we perfected a chemical that would be injected into our daughter's heart and brought back to life. When she walk from her slumber Dana Lynn took a fit when she saw us. As if she was in hell or Guantanamo bay...either she was racked with horror. Before she could rip out her heart she sad a final fuck you and tore it out of her chest. Rendering her forever gone. I was devastated yet again. I wanted to cut out my own heart as well. But i couldn't because i was pregnant once again with another girl, Herberta. I want to pay attention to Herberta as much i did my marriage and job.

Unlike Dana she was the apple in everyone's eye bith at home and at the morgue. We often brought her to there during the summer months, but a part of me wished for dana to be there to see her sister....whom we told Herberta about and she had a locket with her picture in it. One she lost it at age 16 she had Dana's picture tattooed on her bicep. If only dana knew that she was loved by someone.

After Dana's second death i though that the makeshift autopsy room should be closed off and we as a couple should make love at work or in bed.i couldnt bear it. Anymore. Both that did work, as herbert was screwing a lab technician. Apparently this real ship was going on for quite some time. I just stopped working took Herberta and moved across the country and started my own littke practice. It wasnt long that the letters of love and apology started to show up yet again.

When herberta who forgot about her father said who is this. I just told her that she had no father and if she did he was dirty and crazy. It hurt me to say such a thing. The letters still kept calming and soon they were coming to my practice. I had to tear them apart.

But the with the help of the goddamn airplane herbert started to stalk me at my practice. Sitting there in the waiting room. It was a continuous basis that i had the receptionist to call the police but he kept coming. Was this guy dumb as a guitar or in love that much. He then yelled as he was being bum rudhed out that he still loved me. So i took herbert west into my office and we tried to talk. He wanted to make love in my office. I told him no that there was two much damage that he caused. He kissed me and while doing so injected me with succynalcoline: killing me. He decapted me and ran back to DC to his goulish work.

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