My autopsy

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Chapter 7

When herbert killed he and left my headless body in my office. He wanted to create a Frankenstein like creation so i wouldnt leave him again. He did not fly to California but drove and drove back to DC. All the while i meaning my head in beer cooler. I was hoping that they'd call the FBI for herbert was a psychotic and dangerous and he crossed several states to attach my head to a bunch of body parts. But no such luck the FBI wasn't former lover would succeed in creating the finest zombie girlfriend and have me work in the morgue as his assistant ME until he died. I was more worried about Herberta and how show will cope.

When i was re-animated herbert called the ambulance and said he found me in the makeshift autopsy room like this. They actually believed his bullshit. Soon i woke up in the hospital with herbert at my side. His first words were that he loved me with all his DNA.

Funny way of showing it you bastard.

And i said thst. But that didn't stop him from what he was going to do next. When i got stronger and eerything healled he would climb in to the hospital bed amd try to make love to me. I screamed rape at the top of my lunges. When doctor came in with a scalpel, which i took and stabbed my beloved herbert in the heart and then eyes. Leaving to bleed to death. They tried to save him.. all the while i ran off into the sunset sort of speak and went back to California to see if Herberta was doing fine. At first i acted like her gardian angel then i knocked on her door. Her eyes puffy and red from crying.

"What happened mom," she asked.

I sais that she would believe until i showed her the scars.

When i showed her my reanimation scares and the fact that he raped me in the hospital; she was dumb founded.

She said that they were loking for my killer abd she askedwhere was he.

"In DC problably reforming god know what."

"Exact address," Herberta barked. I told her the place where he always lived. She called up the police and told them herbert's home address.

The nest morning on the news we heard that FBI cauht him in DC and he was being detained.

I told my only daughter that we can live in the city of DC and live in an appartment, so we can testify against him.

When it came time for the trail i had to stay at home while Herberta told what her father had done to me that fateful day.

It took two hours for the juryto deliberate and find him guild on captal murder and other federal offenses. This i was waiting for a long time since the bastard first took me from my family. This is what i wanted to begin with.


The day of the execution i made sure that i was wearing sun glasses and a hijab like scarf to hide my scares and my identity for i wanted to see herbert squirm as they put the needle in.and it would be the only needle that were to come near him.

His last words were "i am sorry and i love you Love Westand i am sorry Herberta for taking your mother's life."

I found that pathetic, yet sad.

When he diesd i took off the scarf and glasses and took my daughter and walked away with out emotion.

When i go back to the apartment i told my daughter that i wanted her to be in love one day but she had to be very careful of her she choose.

She made it a rule not to date any one of the medical field. I congratulated her on that one. Soon i put on the scarf and glasses and walked out for the very last time.

The pains were so bad that i passed out in an alley a few blocks down from her apartment and in doing so fall apart litterally. I was never found thank god.

But the story doesnt end there.....

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