My autopsy

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Chapter 8: Herberta

When i said this wasnt the end of the story i meant it. As i go to heaven i pass the story to my daughter, Herberta.

I never found my mom's remains. Nor did i want to knowing that there would be an autopsy something that she wouldn't have wanted. She would have been horrorified if that happened. When i met the love of my life james, who was a writer. Nothing to do with the medical field,yet. His parents wanted him to be a gp but he wanted to try his hand at writing first. And he told me this before as we meet. As i told him about what my mother went through. He sound took to writing a book about a fictitious version of my mom's life. At this point i still didnt know his sir name...which turned out to be Jarvis. His book about my mom's life urned into a best seller. He then started to prepare to go to medical school, he wanted me to join him.

I cried telling him that i will think about it that i didnt want to betray my mom. A few days later after thinking about it....knowing that i was happy and in love with him. The ultimate betrayal to my mom was not to be happy so i choose to follow him into the feild.

James promised me that we wouldnt have children umtil after we graduate as we couldn't keep or hands and mouthes off of eachother. We were that in love.

We became room mates in the dorm and studying sessions would always end in all night loving making sessions. We held ends in class and during lectures sometimes making out. Except during gross anatomy, which i tried to skip because of you mom. But James would get upset and tell me that it was a necessary evil and that i was beautiful.

Every time its was gross anatomy i would quietly weep trying not to show it.

But soon James saw this and was compassionate about this and excused us from the room and we talked about the fact that i wanted to find my moms remains so she could rest. I still wore her rings that my creep of a father give her. James complemented on that and said that he had one from his mother.....he proposed to me.

As i was about to say yes want he slipped the ring on my finger and kiss me gently.

We made out in our dorm while finger me with a gloved hand. Fuck that felt good and as we kissed deeper the farther his finger into me. He teased my womanhood with the finger and my ass hole as we made out.

"Your so soft my Herberta," he said as he was massaging one of my breasts. We made soon made heavy love all afternoon. His flesh felt as good his fingers.

"Oh james" i moaned as he thrusted into me.

James told me that when ever we had a moment we could make love as if to comfort me before the gross anatomy classes.

When it came to choose a speciality i choose i wanted to speak for those with out a voice like my mom. James choose to do general practice. We did our internships in the same hospital. But when ever we had a chance we would be together in the morgue.note this was after graduation.

At break timeif we weren't making love we talked about finding my mom's remains. I knew that she would be skeletonized but i did care i had to find her.

For a few months of searching during free time i brought my mom back to the morgue and found out that she was Frankensteined together after her initial death and then fell apart after her former husband's excution. I could seethe sadness in those eye sockets. Mosy skulls looked happy hers looked sad. Its was as if she was in love with my father....still. it was ceepy.

When i told James that he couldn't believe it until i showed him a picture on my phone.

"I am sorry darling Herberta," he said as he started to kiss me. "I love you Herberta Jarvis."

That night we made love. It was mind blowing.

The next few days i would wake up to a surprise where i had morning sickness. Soon the surprise kept on giving.

I was pregnant. A few weeks later we found out it was a girl and named her Love after my mother.

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