Western Dippers

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from the author if "my autopsy" cones this bloody spectacular......in the fall it is peak stargazing season for those who like to look up at the starts. but there are signs that things are a miss when people at star part disappear and zombies re-animated from the big dipper Nd little dipper are at do west. what will the sirvivors do about the undead uninvited guests crashing their stargazing event. its blood, guts and stars as in this zombie tale. read on.

Horror / Scifi
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Canada 2000 BCE

when the great Dippers occassionally gead west in direction there was this shaman who was immortal and immoveble. He wakes up every day and doesnt care about anyone else except the great demon....the opposite of the creator. He worshiped and sacrificed his victims to the western Dippers. In the hope that they would reanimate and do his bidding. The sacrifices were animal and human....no children as the demon wanted fit and able bodied corpses that were drained of there blood to avoid rott. This happened every 10th month of the year....this would be our modern halloween. And each year those who dared to stray from the villages and into the prairies were slaughtered and eatten alive by their undead attackers. The tribal chiefs but curfews on their communities and sot help to deal with this demonic presents.

They too said animal offerings or sending the men out to fight this every year which they never came back. Grizzly remains scatted allong the roads. As if the evil spirit warned travelers off its intent. So people avoid the grass....even in the day because of the legend and the smell of rot.

Fed up the chiefs held a drumming circle around a dead tree to cast the demon and its shaman to the underworld. With each beat of the drum the tree which was the center of the world risen and sucked the evil entity and its worshipper. This had to be done every 200 years to keep the undead at bay. But as time went on the ritual was ignored more and more until the tree was toppled and a horrid smell came out from the evil. Soon the undead and its shamanic creator the worshipper of the demon would come back....every shaoween or Halloween for us non shamanic people.

This would happened once i year with the odd person disappearing in the prairies for ever. Until found dismembered as if by animals...monkeys but their were no monkeys and so this myth resurfaced.

And its evil.

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