Western Dippers

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Canada 2020

Since moving to dogriver 10 years ago i have partook in riruals, had a show down wirh a demonic shaman and travelled through time to the 80's and 70s. Now at the age of 60 i have post traumatic stress disorder, and tendency to draw beauriful moons and am now dying of heart failure. I have done it all and as i lay in my death bed dying with no friends or family for the are all in Ottawa and never knew of my move or my misadventures over a fucking star party. Thats all i wanted was a star party. And when i die soon enough i had the mare to make a mandatory star party for my honour as the man who saved dog river, each and every Halloween. This was the day that i lived and breathed for. When i died i went to a heavenly realm where i was reunited with my strange old friend...walking bones morher samsara who was looking a little worse for wear at the time. Before she had no scars but now is full of them. I ask....where did you get the scars friend

She thought to me i had to put my son in his place. Where he belonged to be amoung the hateful, dreaded and with the worlds diseases. He will always lose as a plague in this day and age.

I thought to her sorry to hear that i wanted your soon to be able to be reincarnated and redeem himself but i guess his hate was too powerful. Maybe in the next millennium my odd friend.

This is a beginning of a powerful friendship and the end of this story.

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