Western Dippers

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Chapter 1

This halloween i decided the star party would talk place deep in the prairies out of the small town of dog river. My room mate was was aboriginal Canadian said that i was crazy to do this particular star party in the location choosen.

"Have you heard the tales of the prairies," he asked.

I saw no that i was sort of new to the area and did not even know what corner gas was little alone the ruby. It was a hot july

And i was alreading planning halloween. My room mate joe that was his name told me in horrific detail about the myth that recently resurfaced and i was shooked but not deterred.

A two thousand year old myth fuck it i thouht. But it would be great from my halloween star party.

He said that any one who hates life or is stupid will only go out in the prairies by foot on Halloween....and that u was committing suicide.

I laughted thinking its just a harmless party i am not a doctor so i did not have to worry about harming anyone no that i party could.

He said that people go missing every year in october around and on halloween from the demonic entity.

"Demonic entity"

Yes he answer.

There once was a cannibal shaman who made zombies about of his victims as he worshipped the demon that would but the dippers in the west instead of the north. And that they comeback to kill the living.....this was a an old suix and black foot myth supposedly.

Me coming from ottawa only new of the natives and the cultures in history class. They came from the land bridge attaching north America and Asia and some time in the ice age to avoid the "angries" and that they had problems with the white people. Was this their way of scaring people native or not into submission. I highly doubt that.

But i wanted to throw this party...bit also want to know more about this myth. The fact that two tribes believe it most hold some water or blood.

So for the rest of the summer i researched this myth and prepared my party.

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