Western Dippers

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Chapter 2

Dueing the rest of the summertime i spent my time reading about the myth and the disappearances that were associated with them. I bought three books on the subjects

Dogriver zombies

Black foot halloween tales

Mysterious disappearances.

I read them on chronological order. The first two books had to do with the myth its self and other creepy little tales like the ghost buffalo and the last warrrior to fight the undead.

The last book talk about the various disappearances turned savage murders that inly accoeding to coroners as from a monkey like creature. They pictures said enough for themselves that i really need not read more but did anyway. As scary as this was i decided for my stargazing event that it would be a zombie themed star party. Though all through the summer i was always called an idiot or retard for doing my star party out side of town in the boonies.

But i was determined.

Soon there was talk of me bei g a sadist and masochisf for pulling off this sthpid stunt of a party. Soon when i went stargazingin August i fiund that the leaves where starting tio change, the Dippers moving towards the western sky. I dont know if its an illusion but it seemed like that something was goibg to fuck up in the feilds of grass. Soon i heard moaning sounds.... not pleasure moans but those of torment and intense pain. So i ran off and gave up stargazing for the next few months until the halloween. But shit started to get really as people started to hear the moans and grunts as i did that night. That startwd to freak me out more and more

A few days after talk about the moans, the horrific nightmares started to come. If i did not know anybetter i would think i was suffering from PTSD feom what....a book or three.but it was moaning that got through to me.

I was stargazing at nightwhen the overwhelming stanch of what i think was rotting or decomposing flesh rushed through my nose and i heard a vice talk in a tounge that i did not understand....it was a mix of Siberian and turkish. I turned around and saw the emaciated looking yet evil shaman with blood coming out of his mouth dripping from his face. His face hissy and raspy. I couldnt believe it. He came up and grabbed my neck as if to crush my throat and strangle the very life out of me.

I woke up screaming or was talking in mty sleep as if to beg for my life. That nezt morning was the earliest victim on record. August 2020 when they found the first dismembered body of an eighteen yearold boy who was camping from the next town over. It was as if he was torn and ripped apart by wild animals. The whole town was appalled by this a demanded justice thinking it was a serial killer. Only my roomate and i knew better.

My room mate said the he wanted me to see the elders of his reseevation and hear from them the story in its authenticity.

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