Western Dippers

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Chapter 3

The drive to the black foot reservation was long. The prairies did not seen as appealing as before after hearing the horrible nightnames and moaning sounds. In fact they looked like a radioactive waste land were only the dead survived. And thats where yhey were if you were supposed to leave the car at night so the car was a safeguard for us....the zombie snd immoral shaman with his evilness would only be seeing cars, SUV's and trucks as demonic monsters of the night and day.....according to the myth. So if you in a car or on the road you were safe. Also they feared forests for the forests where the places of villages and the living people and animals.

When arrived the people were welcoming and polite and answered oir questions before the tree tipping ritual started.

The evil shaman.was named he who eats the dead....was born in a fur skinning place at the time of the last ice age when he was feed blood instead of milk.... and like dogs when any living thing tastes blood they will seek it out.as he grow older the shaman became more of a vampire becoming emaciated only getting what he needed and want from animal and human blood that he drained from his offerings.... another name for this entity was walking bones for his emaciated looks.

Before the ritual they sad that walking bones would drink the blood hoping to bring back the lives of his victims and do his bidding every autumm. The myth goes that he eas unstoppable and of immense strength for some one of his size. The word was immovable as a mountain.

During the ritual they sat in a circle around the tipped tree, smudged beat dreams and chanted as the night went on and a shanan a good one commaned the tree to stand.

And lo and behold the tree stood up eith a sucking sound and action. As if ridding this eotld of disease. No sooner did we go back to the car when so yelled that the tree is down.

Suddenly things got real.

One the way back to dog river

I could see every evil spirit of every world religion and mythology. If i didnt know any better or something i would think that i was psychotic. But it was really happening.

The next day my roomate devolped simptoms like Ebola if i knew enough about it. But it was more rapid. The second he woke up he started to cough, throw up blood and bleeding in every hole there was even the belly button.

I called 911

They soon found nothing physically wrong or contamination in the apartment but it was enough for me to move out and started looking after my hygiene more. But the nightmare came up about me facing an army of skeletons. Again woke up screaming....but if those dumb zombies think they can ruin my Halloween they had another thing coming.

Forest or near a road. Preferably both a forest near a road. So during the day i would scout the best bush ever. And came a cross a small brish near the roaf entering dogriver. Fuck you zombies!!!!

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