Western Dippers

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Chatper 4

Was the autumn neared more and more people were disappearing buy the dozens. They all turned up dismembered and looked like they were eaten alive. And with each finding came a nightmare. I swear something must be wrong writh me. Soon i would go to the grave sites of the mangked corpses to see exactly when they fuck was going on...not that i am an crime scene expert but the old saying curiosity kill the cat. In this case it suffocated me with a warm atench that was a cross from cat shit and two month old milk that was left in the sun to spoil. I swear the smell of decomp was the worst and i wanted puke. Which i managed to do across the road

I thought these monsters were afraid of cars and vehicles. They were getting more and more bold of world.

Soon they will be texting eachother and emailing on fucking iPhones and tablets. I thought to my self. If i wanted my party to go off without a hitch i was going to have to do something about the undead before my grim thought came to reality.

So i went back to the reservation to learn so.e rituals to keep me and my star party safe.

I first asked where walking bones did his evil deads so many years ago. Frightened now one would take me except for an old woman who said she so the actual shaman 2000 years ago. She said that she his biological mother and that he was taken awake to be raised questionablely. She told me that she spied on her son and watched eanting to put a stop to it. I couldnt believe this and actually live 2000 yearold woman.

She said that we must pack up and go on a long hike to the sacrificial altar and smudge the area before the next western Dipper.

After a day of walking i realized that i shoukd have stretched because my back and legs were burning like a mother fucker. So i asked if to sit for a while.

"No no we must keep going," she urged."see the dipper is nearing the west just two more hour."

"How did you learn english," i asked.

She said same with french that she listened and practiced in the hopes that someone would stop her son. I felt honoured that she choose me...over many others.

Hen we got to the ancient altar the wind soon picked up and that foul stench was back. I tried not to think about it and continued the process of cleansing and warding of evil spirits. But the smell of the smoke brought walking bones right behind us. The smell was overwhelming

I turned around and he was there.

"Mother i too can speak your foreigner toungs too. What are you going to do, send me and my minions back to the land of the dead," walking bones said. "I am afraid not! It is you who will go to the land of the dead."

The old woman using her chanting smudging more less to command walking bones to the the land of the dead. After a fight of good and evil energies....walking bones let off a blood curdling scream and disapeared.

The old one took her necklace off and said that this should protect me from the dead during halloween.

"Protect you guests from the minions and i will go to the land of the dead and cast my son into the demon river."she said that and soon she disappeared for ever too.

I was to keep wearing the necklace until November the first and then everything would be as if walking bones was never born. Which i did.

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