Western Dippers

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Chapter 5

As they adult humans got out there jacolanterns and the kids came out in drove for their candy snd adventure i was getting ready to start my star party. Everyone was welcome but had to dress up as a zombie for old walking bones sack. I do ou it to him for inspiration of te theme.....though i keept my necklace on. It was an bone carving of a howling wolf as if to scare of my enemies with red white and black beads. Fuck November the first i was going to wear this year round for aesthetic reasons not just for safety..... a find piece of jewelry shouldn't just be warn for Halloween i thought.

After the trick or treating the hole town of dogrivercane to my road side bush to see the dippers in great view. It was a nice clear and oddly warm night for Halloween.

This wasnt your average star party as there was music dancing and candy for all. I even managed to get some jackolanterns ready as well. There was a lot of stargazing and a lot of fun to be had

Until the moans came back and a less intense smell of decomp came about. But as they say let the show go on.

I was abowing the kids where the north star was and helped out with the stargazing. The focus was on the big and little Dippers as well as some nebulas and galaxies.

The kids said that that was better then the candy. Something that i know they won't forget so easily.

When the kids and families went home. That was when the attacks happened so quickly and violently. Do remember that the undead knew enough not to attack the kids...thank god but teens and adults were another story. I soon got out some weapons and axes, and lured and killed each zombie.

The first was an attack on a 17 yearold girl which pissed me of to no end.

I took my axe and started to hack at the zombie until it was just bloody jelly as someone took the girl to safety.

Soon the attacks from the zombies came exponentially ever increasing. Then some guy not knowing to do with his axe pulled out smart phone and called the police saying that we were under attack but prosomed animals.

The zen like calm has soon going to hell in a handbasket.

But as i waked by the zombies i find that the stood still and was easily killable. With one look of necklace and the swing of an axe the zombies died and turned to ashes.

Others and the police had a harder time trying to kill the zombies even with guns.

But they didnt have the necklace that i had.

Soon i was leading the pack of survivors and police officers as i swung my axe at the zombie turning them into cigarette dust. Never more.

The strange thing was that the zombie like snowflakes, finger prints and tara kota warriors none where really the same. Each gnarled face looked different from another. Each was destroyed in an instant.

With a hack here

And shot there

We emergered from feom the bloody ashes victious but blood smeared.

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