Western Dippers

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Chapter 6

For the following years with out any problems every autumn and halloween turned out to be safe though you had to be careful for sex offenders. Not zombies.

I still wear my necklace that the wierd 2000 yearold woman made for my protection. I nust wear it to aard off nightmares and bad luck other then that i just wear it as is jewelry.

Again the leaves change colour with the lack of sun light producing nice array of colours. A firy rainbow on the trees. As i walk around before handing out candy seeing the towns town's people put out their jackolanterns. Some simple some more elaborate and detailed as if they were tattoos for pumpkins. I took a picture of a beautiful one so detailed and of beauty that i wanted it tattooed on my arm. As if to say that Halloween is year around. Then i go home to to put outmy simple pumpkin and hand out candy. As i does i make an appointment with the tattoo artist in town to do the design.i scrabbled on up the up the money and got the design down on my arm...all the while wondering what the fuck happened to the zombie making walking bones. Think this question as i see the big dipper when it sets in rhe west for the winter. And then it pops up in the spring to start anew as if it were re-animating its self for the year. I spend most of my time with the flowers and taking up and more harmless hobby.....moon gazing and sketching. Sometimes at the same time. I created beautiful pictures of the moon too sell to art lovers and tattoos parlors..... the detail ever so careful

My story is over but this tale is not.

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