Western Dippers

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Hell realm 1

Walking bones was awaiting revenge against the very woman who birthed him on to the planet and now into this hell realm. He was searching and searching in a land of eternal madness and torture. The madness he alway had but the torture he was not use to being on the recieving end. He usually tortured his offerings on orginal and creative yet gory ways. But here he was surgically cut up died and cut up in the same manner again and again. That was one the other was boulders smashing hom in to a bloody jelly and being reanimated for it to do it again to him until he went crazy. Then he was starved of the very blood he desired to keep alive....when he escaped the torture chambers he was in a foggy realm wayer there were strange coloured flames and many mysterious voices driving him to hurt himself. He walked more limped woth guts hanging out as he walked to find the bitch the brought him he. He promised that if he killed this one person he would keep in the good side of the creator and never act this way again. But the voices kept talking until he sawed off his arm, leaving a trail of blood and muscle tissue. One voice said for him to pluck out his right eye with his severed limb which was immensely painful. All the voices where women, the mothers of the warriors who he killed. They wanted to see him dismember himself as he walked through this rainbow realm. This was the native verson of the greek furies. As he walked this time burning himself slowly walking bones was confronted with the very person he hated ...so much to make a pact with the devil. His biological mother.. .samsara.

"You bitch you left me to feed off blood and only blood and now you send me to this fucking hell," he said. "Why do you do this to me mother?"

She said nothing which drove him even angrier.

Soon she speaks of the truth

"I had to leave you to the blood worshioers because i can smell only death off you,

"You my son had a black aura around since i was rapped by your bastard father...you turned out worse than him at least he never killed anyone or worshipped blood,

"But you you swine deserve to be here to pay for what you have done to so many people....may you suffer in her for eternal madness," this woman of 65 said in one beathe and one thought as if her goul of a son would read minds.

She was right he could read minds.

What he said was that she was evil to begin with that she was from the dogs and wolves.she calmed to be righteous but was just another soon to be victim. He pushed physically with his mind into the flames and screamed like never before....blood spilling out of his mouth.

Samsara arose from the ashes and with one scream she obliterated his beating in a bloody splatter. One to be fight ing with him in another hell realm.

The mild hell as it eas called. Not the hot but not the cold hell. The in between.

This samara attacked him with a stone dagger, as if to cut his heart out. He tried to swing a sickle at her as if to cut her clean in half. There the words of hate spewed like lava from a volcanic eruption.

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