Western Dippers

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Hell realms 2 and 3 plus time travel

During this fight in this realm at seamed like the mortal world at his beloved altar but on him and his biological mother where there fighting. The only blood dripping was his only. Every stab from his mother he regenerated only to get attacked again and again. Both pysically and mentally. Abd so it continues a woman of pure heart and the son of a black heart duke it out. The battle was bloody and intense. With him being defeated each time ..... his murderous killer instinct gone. No he was a walking mass of organs and muscle walking to his demise in this hellish reality. He would keep swinging the sickle but the old woman was too fadt for him with her dagger. She would go one to be a ghost and protect mankind while he was tormented in a realm of madness, torture and disease. The thoughts plagued him.

"Only one realm to fight in after son and then you will be a disease amonge living things."

This pissed walking bones to the extreme and he dropped the sickle and strangle samsara to death knowing it would be pointless. He could see the life gonibg for his enemy's eyes. But then was stabbed in the heart

"Fuuuuuck" he screamed.

Soon he was falling in a pile of dust. In defeat.

Samsara thought to herself strongest minds win.

Next and last was the cold hells

This place the good had more of a change at winding then the evil.

There in the subzero realm samsara said," strongest mind wind and you my son are weak minded."

She took the stone dagger and stabbed him in the heart for one last time. There evil shaman paid the price. He wondered this cold hell the wind sheeding his skin and muslce until thete was none and organ fell out. There he as living up to his name sake walking bones as the cold ate away at his skeleton, soon leaving the marrow, nerves and soon nothing at all for he was done for.

He would become a plague and torment the likes of man but man was now smarter then evil. He lost the fight with his mother. She would come to protect and over see modern civilization and he would turn into a stringly like particle. Which in modern says would be know as a filo virus. Where he would win some battles and loss many.

They day of the marburg outbreak it was side to be on a day of October or so the myth was said. This was innthe 80's 70s. They saidcit was disease a filo virus that was killing some people and lab monkeys in germany but i knew famn well that it was walking bone trying to emerge from the hell realms. This just happened want i started stargazing again...but after that new tidbit i want back to drawing...do know that i am an old man now of 60. I still were that necklace a year ago...that the old woman gave me...which was burning my skin durning the wole marburg outbreak.

When the traced the virus back to a cave in africa and contained it....the burning stopped. As if someone or something was watching over us. But what is time and space. For all i know that this all happened yesterday....October 31st. Note that this story never made any sense to me or the people in dogriver. But it might to future spiritual people.

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