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three short stories of unrequited love and the woman who say no. first is my own romantic horror story of realife, the we move to feudal Japan with nobonaga's sister oichi abd one of his generals, then to mythical realm. all romantoc horrors.

Horror / Drama
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The doctor from Gambia

Its started innocently enough.... i wanted to be a forensic pathologist and was looking for like minded people on pen pal world. After opening up the account i did not get anywhere.

For three weeks i didnt get one message or comment until i got a random email with the subject of penship. Then i checked my pen pal account and saw that i got a comment on my page from a young doctor and resident from the Gambia. He from his picture was beautiful for a guy and i will admit i fell for the fucker but at the time i want a boyfriend...so we had to stay friends.

When my boyfriend got word of this friendship he went crazy....and at the time i did not know it was for good reason. I though that i would never here from molamin anymore and then broke up with my then ex.

A few weeks later i contacted molamin yet again...whoch i thought couldnt harm anyone.

I just said that i couldnt speak for diamen but that i was sorry and gave him my WhatsApp number, which i shouldnt have done.

For the next insueing weeks this friendship blossomed in a relationship when i told molamin that i wanted to hear his voice everymorning. I assured him that i go tid of my ex. He was safistified he said good morning for the next three weeks. Soon he said that he wanted to by me a bangle and a dress....he said that i was very special to him.

I then admitted that i was in love with him, he the same. He posted on his status on WhatsApp "love December 16 2019." I screen shot that and posted it on face book for posterity. The next morning when my mom saw that she went buzark and asked me to explain my self. I told her that we were in love, had similar interests and that he went to by me a bangle which infuriated her and she more less called everything under the sun.

She didnt and still doesnt understand human nature.

For that i called her on it that and the name calling.

Behind her back i continued this relationship with this doctor. We had plannes of me moving to gambia and getting my education there while we started a family the firdt daughter was going to be named Love. I couldnt wait to be with him and vice versa. I had visions of the two of use making love under the stars. Then he said that he had a female white Supremacist stalking him asking for kinky sexy. I blew my stack, and i had to get my friends involved to get him off my back.

I wanted to believe he was sorry but then my mom said that i would retarded in keeping him. I told that with tears in my eyes. Soon i became a lesbian got a girlfriend and was moving on.

That was when the stalking started.

He would leave loving but spiteful emails to me, threatened my bestie, and frightened all my friends from facebook and i had to change my name. Soon he the emails continued i was horrified and scared. He would not let go of me. This creepy fucking doctor.

Soon when i was pissed off i told my girlfriend what was happening and provided his email to her and she confornted the bastard threatening him with the police and FBI should he contacted me.

Havent heard from the guy again. Pen palling ok. Dating was off the list for ever.

I am not puting up with this fuckery again i thought. So here i am a celebant lesbian. Writing horror stories and living my life according to me.

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