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the eerie tales of the full moon starting with han dynasty china, siam, and then central asia where there is magical, gore and horror and a pinch of fantasy.

Horror / Fantasy
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Cannibal of the moon

StartBangbang was not always know as bangbang but was of once nobiblity in the siamese royal court as wome of the king's generals. He fought the burmese and Khmer people with out a scratch. But the second time he had to lead his troops into war with Burma he and his troops were captured and tortured but the many. He got the worst of it and lost his legs and soon enough his mind. They nailed his feet to the floor and his hands to a chest causing him to be in an awkward position for weeks at a time

As you can tell he was lost and destroying his muscles through this torture. The ripped the nails out of his hands and dressed thrm so he would have function in his hands. But his legs got gangrene and had to be chopped off....he screwed when they did thst not giving him any opium to numb the pain for the sheer enjoyment of it.

He was released from captivity

And his back was racked with pain and he could only crawl. He spent most of his times in the poppie feilds. Where he ate nothing but opium poppies, and soon lost his mand to the opium and the mania that was flashbacks.

The flashback and nightmares were so horrid he would howl at the fullmoon as if a dog or wolf.

Then one full moon night he got crazed and attacked the farmer of the feild. There he eye both the carcus and the opium...leaving the eyes for last.

The next day the half eaten corpse remained....but bang bang was gone he went to another town in hopes of a change in environment.

But soon the moon came out....he spet the night eating the poppies and killed two people with his stick and ate them. Once again leaving the juicy succulent eyes for dessert.

They damn near found him one they lost him again.

Soon a trail of dead cannibalized corpses where left out in the country side leading to the royal palace.

He was going to get revenge for his torture and thr deathes of his comrades.

But only the victims new of bang bang the human snake.

He snuck into tue palace

At dinner time when the king was most vulnerable and then bangbang confornted him as he was eating.

Just the site of this crazed mad man made the king want to puke and lost his appetite all together.

"What do you desire oh dirty man," said the king

"Revenge and justice for me and my troops your sire," he yelled. " i loved this country now i suffer because of you. I want your eyes your highness."

Bang bang came closer to the king of siam

And beat him with his walking sticks and until he was dead. Bangbang eat the eyes of the king and then the fresh food in a barbarak fashion.

They say when the guards came.. bangbang sat there and laughted....

Much like he laughs

As he was being paraded to the town .....whipped and

Then cackled as he was beheaded.

The say that im the country sides that the howls in the full moon where still heard. And in the royal city he could be heard cackling like a monkey. With the ghost of bangbang the snake, no was safe. writing here…

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