Dead Outbreak : New days...

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A young Teen named Azure with Luke arrived at school and saw that something was wrong...

Horror / Action
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Chapter 1 - Rough Morning

In the town of Red waters there was a man named Azure. He was young, shy, and nervous around some people.. He's like a lot of people.. He's a bit impatient sometimes but he'll make it.

Azure was at home on the couch... He was on the phone playing games like match 3 games... His father went in the room.. He looked at Azure. "Why aren't you cleaning your room??" His father said. Azure looked up at him, then looked at his phone.. His father was furious... "NOW!" His father yelled. Azure said "Ugh, fine.." Azure groaned... His father was in the military as Special forces.. His mother on the other hand was an athlete until her injury in the year 1999. Before Azure was born.. It was almost Azure's birthday.. He just wanted presents, no party nothing special. In about 7 weeks will his Birthday come...

He went and cleaned up.. By cleaned up I mean't the lazy half job. He barely did it... He was met with punishment until his birthday... "Wait no! But I-" Azure said while interrupted. "But I what?! I told you to clean your room and what did you do?? Be lazy of course!" His father said.. Azure stuttered these words - "I-I- n-no!" His father yelled out - "You're grounded for a week!"

Azure was met with shock as he was also met with disappointment..

Azure went to his room.. His picture of his dad hung up on his wall... He grabbed something heavy and smashed the picture into pieces.. "Stupid dad.." Azure mumbled..

He skipped breakfast that morning.. At last he was too hungry and snacked on some food in the pantry...

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