Fem yakuza

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the yakuza from the female gangsters point of view. maybe short.

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Chapter 1

What set me off to be yakuza as kid was when my mom was busy prayering and putting intense so i could have a good kindergarten and some filthy monk lured me with candy and kissed and raped me. I fought with my mom as to not to go to school but to learn to fight instead. I also converted to christianity to void the monks. My mother who was a strict buddhist pit me in an orphanage. I got into many fights that i started and damn near killed another each week and that was before the karate came into my life. I found a non religious karate sensei who was kind to me and allowed me to be live with him. He educated me in academics note just karate. I was in poverty and dreamed of being a beautiful model and making money and not have to be in poverty. He taught me mainly karate and enough to read and write, and count to ten i was a first dan black belt at age of eight and learned to used all sorts of weapons....my favorite was the wakazashi and the katana the samurai swords. I practiced mainly on animals mainly cats and dogs. I gained enjoyment killing these innocent animals...sometimes like the killer i would be i was able to eat the animals that i murdered. Eating was just as fun as hunting and kiling and my instructor allowed this to happen. Soon i hate a full belly, less frail and were winning the tournaments.

But the time i was 20 and ws put out on the street i was a 9th degree black belt, and was a grand mistressed with a psychotic and evil streak....and alot of Patience.

I soon worked for the local yakuza as a pickpocket and house cleaning u til i was initiated into the gang and go the tattoos. I was also trying out for modeling ....this was before model mayhem came along so it was harder.

Soon i was rejected for modeling because i was plain jane, tall and skinny with short short hair. The tattoos didnt help. Before suicide girls came around so i was deamed impergect to model. So i stuck to karate, brown nosing with the bosd, and pickpocketing.

He soon sperated with his wife for me. He sped up my initiation into the yakuza. And into his heart and bedroom.i was supposed to be his personal body guard. I said that i loved him but had to kill that monk before starting any male-female relationship.

"How are you doing kill him,"

That didfler will die by my sword

And slowly. The same with my birth mother." I sobbed. It wad the only time that i cryied.

I kissed sonny and left in the night.

I got to the monastery that the goof lived in he was still alive and free i thought. I was so enraged that i disemboweled him like a fish and knocked him out so he couldnt get any help or call out. He died of exsanguanation or bled out until he died. Just as i promissed my love.

Next was my mother. She was cooking somrthing.....it stunk. I burst into the door and asker her way she did not accept me or believe me went i got raped. She said that i wasnt Japanese but tibetan and she believed the monk over the word of a snot nosed brat me her blood and flesh snot nosed. That remark goy her cut up and i decapitated my biological father too for marrying that bitch.

I took a bubble bath in their bath tub and smoked pot until i felt clean both physically and emotionally. Then i got dressed...to the hilt and walk out with my sword and want back to my stylish life.

Being the oyabuns lover and body guard was great. I was given presents, gifts,love, acceptance and the ability to kill who ever i wanted.

After making love sonny said to me cherry, i wish to make you my wife and trusted body guard and assassin.

He then kissed me, loved and pleasured me in ways i never thought off.

"Cherry fuck them modelling agencies you are fucking beautiful. Especially in that cute karate gi."

I always wore that karate uniform top online sonny. We both had twisted lives.

I was raped by a monk and put into poverty because of it. Sonny

Had to kill his father for molesting him. Two psychopaths and spul mates.

Sonny always recited or read out romantic or erotic haikus. The words and his hissing voice always calmed me down and got me into the mood.

I asked him way he had hiss and raspy voice he said that someone stabbed him in the throat during a karate tournament and was rushed to hospital where they restored his voice box and the ability to talk.

"Damn near died" he hissed. "The fucker is now in jail and killed."

He turned out the lights and we made love in the moon light. Our tattooed bodies entwined, him thrusting into me and our breath becoming one breath and moan.

"Cherry, i love you."

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