Queen of plagues

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coming back from the dead the queen can create her own personal diseases naturally with out the help of scientists.

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Revenge from the grave

Adter being assassinated than the reanimated by the full moon Elizabeth the first came back with this notion of revenge to get back at the assass and the group that ordered it. She was shot with an arrow coated in the black death and arsenic....a deadly combination of disease and poisons to make sure she was dead as a door nob. She was brought back by a mad priest who was more necromancer than a man of god.

One the full moon came back she would be the blue queen of plagues and conquer Europe and asia for christianity anx revenge.

One one thing is that she had no religious intentions when she arose from the grave as that the group who killed her where religious. This is the first from of religious terrorism. So she was going to ne not you avarage disease ridden zombie and controll her future not the necromancer. When she came back she ordered the necromancer to beheaded for he looked like a zealot. But he had to literally face her in her undead court as the blue queen of plagues. Wiyh one word the man syarted to fell ill and developed breathing problems, and black marks.

She then proclaimmed her self as the blue queen of plagues.

If anyone got in her way would die a slow death.

She ordered the necromancer to be drained of his diseased blood and she drank it in a banquet....as a toast to second chances and health.

His organs and corpse was disposed of and burned so thr blue plague wouldnt come back and have and another case of black death. They couldnt handled it.

She died benevolent and came back hateful and ruthless.

She killed her enemies but just buy being near them, breathing on them or but sword.

She wasnt just patient 0 of a new plague the blue death but a total sadist.

She drank the blood of her religious victims and tortured them if they didn't fall ill first.

They called it yhe blue death because she made people ill and die yet was still a queen and nobel.

When the french tried to attack not only lead her troops and undead to battle but she had a deadly weapon she can only have.....

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