Queen of plagues

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War against France

"Those fucking tantra loving freaks..."

She said. "Did they new that i am the carrier of the apocalypse. " one of her undead and unnatural talents other then killing people buy just looking at or walking past them is seeing the future.

As she saw the english channel

She saw a barbaric bastard with a funny mustache and hair kill the jewish people and gypsies, and the raise of thd Beatles and the subway attacks in the 2000s. She also saw victor against this enemy.

As the English arrive in french she said "i am the queen of plagues mess with mr and i wipe up your population with one breath ouf oc my mouth. I am that potent."

King Louis laughed....."queen of plagues i want to see this ." She walk across and kissed him on the lips thinking he would become a prince and he was revolted but her decomposing smell and then was symptomatic and die.

But that was not enough. She new her assassin was french and went go her disease and poisioned coated sword anx started slashing at living bodies of the french troops whipping thrm out and then she started to head to Paris to get ridd of its population three the blue plague.

While roaming thr country side the plague queen killed all live stock and animals with her plague as if she were the Grimm reaper himself. Hell she even killed a flower or two. Villages were warned of the grey skined emaciated looking queen of England and were told to stay in their homes.

When she heard of the warnings about her she went into the houses and huts raised her arms and talk s deep breathe out intil village snd village was wiped out. The new king appointed was notified about the new plague that was coming to his templars and his people. Though he never in his young mind thought that it would be the queen her self that were making people ill and ultimately killing them.

He sent wave after wave of troops to their slow agonizing deathes to a unatural pathogen.

His doctor said he aas stupid to keep wasting men to fight a curse of disease that they cannot see.

He told the doctor to leave and had him beheaded too.

He was going to peotect france at all causes against the woman who his country thought had killed.

Mean while as sge left diease and carnage she had the plague riddened corpses impaled as a way oc spreading her personal disease. She only did this to adults. The childrens bodies were shown mercy and given Christian deviant burials. A deviant burial is so the person doesnt comd bavk to the world of the living throught ritual. There are plant in europe and asia during the black and blue deathes.

At times she wished she had a deviant burial so shd wouldnt seek comr back to seek revenge.

Too late now.

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