Queen of plagues

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Road to paris

Along the way to paris Elizabeth the first was ambushed by the very people she was trying to attack.

But she was going to attack paris when shd was done with these court jesters. She ubsheahed her broad british sword and heck them to death saying "wheres you god now bastards?" The leader was now afriad he would be killed to his horse and galloped from her yet she chased him any way.

They lost the leader

Bug a few days later her spies found his bloated rotting corpse on the sife of the road with his horse dead too.

He showed all ths psychical signs of the queens plague and when shd heard of this shd had the deceased terror leader autopsied.

Though no doctor was stupid enough to confornt this disease.

From Elizabethan to 1900 houndreds any one who wronged the royals or broke the laws was put to death and then autopsied. She screamed at her doctor saying if he did dissect that corspe she would cut him open with his own scalpel whild hd was alive.

She had zero tolerance to the word no

She watched the autopsy to make sure it was done properly. The next day the doctor died of an unknown disease...later found at hoz autopsy that it was the blue plague.

The first casualty.

But Elizabeth didn't care.

When she and her troops arrivd at paris shd ordered the child to be taken our of thd cite so they wouldnt die or bd traumatized. That was the only noblem thing she had left in her black decomposing heart.

With the city child free theh attack and rendering the city unihabitale and the king ill and with in a few days as she reached the English channel she founf out thag the king was dead from disease.

She laughed at such news. For the assassination attemps will never happen to the britsh royalty.

The children of friench vandalized their form homes to warn passers by oc disease. Remember this was before thd biohazard sign was made.

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