Queen of plagues

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Trader and traitors

With people comingbto and from France to trade and site see the say nothing but decomposing animals and corpses of people and sick emaciated children who were within days of starvation. They took the children with them and raised ths kids until the parents in central and eastern Europe died off leaving their children to give them deviant burials. They were for somd odd reason were immune to the blue death. When they were fed and grow gheir strength back they swore revenge against England unless they did a deviant burial of the she devil.

The who were once the orphans of the plague gethered together and went to England to kill the strigoi (undead) plague queen and give her a deviant burial.

The plan was this.....

Got to her palace at the next full moon and stab her with a wooden stake in the heart and put pebbles in her mouth so she couldn't return.

But alas the lost children of blus death were going to be disappointed.

As the people in london were oppressed by thr threat of torture and of disease the rose up.

Soon they came to the palace with oil and torches and stuff to for a deviant burial they captured the queen of plagues and killed her.

Then burned the palace so the disease would be killed off and they quarted the undead bitch and put a decent sized rock into her mouth snd buried the remains.

She never returned from the death as when she was killed it was a full moon.

When in the middle oc the englisb channel the children soaw the full moon with dread

They thought that she would come for them next as they were the new troops both male and female.

When they arrived they were greated to the news caller saying that the blue plague wueen was dead for once anx for all.

But that didnt satisfy these poor vengeful souls.

They needed to see the body to make sure she was going to not awake.

So they continued to London

Thinking that callers were a pile oc shit.

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