Queen of plagues

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Chins blue surprise

As the souls went to london the anarchy and disease was heading eas to the land of China or chin.

This disease spread from people to people and animal to animal. No living thing was safe except for plants.

When the kids of France came to London they didnt except happy people, mary making and clean fresh air.

Thiz was a sign that the queen was done away eith but for hos long???

Ths caller said that Elizabeth the second a full living woman was ruling in her mother's place and ordered the deviant burial of her own mother. This sort of broke the hearts of ths french but they knew she had it coming.

For the first was the worst just s disease carrying vampire who lusted death and revenge but just not against her.

When they saw the palace the said that they were the children of France and wanted to speak to the queen.

The guards were allowed to let them in as that the french were alleys anx trading partners now.

"Who comes to visit my court," a young but beautiful voice said. This was a teen ager with blonde hair are rosey cheeks as she should be a princess but is now a queen. Shd was of 16. Her mother when she became quern was much older and had flaming red hair.

One of the french asked his your mother dead and if so was shd killed during the full moon

"Yes my pets she is dead and has a deviant burial..... i would show you but i am afraid if i distrub the soil she will return."

This was a happy ending fir englidh snd french as that she and the disease burned itself out of Europe and asia minor.

A few thousand miles east in chin hell was breaking out by a strange blue disease.

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