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loe between two lesbian black belts

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My sensei my lover

I was only five when i meet claudia at the time an 18 year old vibrant and loving but stern karate sensei. She nurtured my martial artistic and artistic abilities. She wasnt just tough but an artist who taught me out to draw when i was a kid. She was a high school dropout because she wanted to focus on her martial arts career....she was a prodigy.

13 years from then i was her age of 18 and she was a 31 year old master going on to be grand master she would be the youngest grandmadter ever.

I was lucky to be in her presence.

After class claudia took me to the back room and asked an off coloured question.

"Do you love me," was the question.

I did not know what to say. Shd said "well,"

Then i look at her and see that she was sensual and beautiful.

"Yes i love you," i said.

"More then a sensei and student relationship, more then friends," she queried. I said i do.

There in semi dark storage room we shared a kiss though it was close to making out.

"I'd like to take you back home with me; do you mind," she asked.

"I still live at my parents," i said. "Let me explain it to them."

"Don't you dare i already did," claudia said trying to seduce me.

"Um what they say," i ask .

"They trusted me with you so the didnt mind," she said seductively and calming. "Mind being with me here for the night. We can do whatever you want to me."

With that i was in love with her.

"Lets hould eachother and make love,"she said licking my ear lobe.

She grabbed my ass and tried to finger me.


"You mean claudia," she whisper and kissed me.

"Claudia, i love you," i said.

When we make love after closing the dojo she discloses something to me that seem a little of colour, blood fake blood to exact was hot to her. So she said she drip fake blood on my face as we make love in the future.

"Just the though makes more horny," claudia said. "By the way i am also yakuza does that bother you."

She slipps her uniform of to expose the tattoo and i gasp.

"No i dont mind."

"Good," she barked

And then we kissed deeply

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