Karate love 2

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loe between two lesbian black belts

Horror / Erotica
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Forbidden love

Claudia was ill and i had to take charge of all the classes in the dojo for a month. I did get how badly sick she until didnt want sleep in the same room as i inorder not to pass it along to me. She thought she would die and bequeathed the karate school to me. So no i had soul ownship of it.

When a new student cane in a girl name johnnie a blond plain jane who was just out her teens but first degree black belt like me( only i was the istructor- sensei) couldn't stop starring me. As i always do i asked the new student who come throught the door to introduce themselves.

When johnnie went introduce herself she said somethings that were quite personal i thought. I cut her half way when her reason should involve the police and said "ok time for the warm up."

"I want to talk to you alone," johnnie said. It was obvious that she emotionally and mentally behind devolpementaly and talked slowly in a monotone.

"Ok sweetie," i said not knowing the impact it would later have on her. It ws clear for what she lacked cognitively and emotionally she was a gifted martial artist. And some how looks weren't as plain as before.

After class johninie to me that she was molested by her father repeatedly and was at oe point tortured. Leading to her emotional and intellectual struggles. She said that bastard was in jail and it was just her and her mother.

"I think you are beautiful and pretty," she said holding my and puting up on her face. "You lonely? I am all the time."

"Oh," i said said

"I want to date you since your my age," johnnie said. "Your smart."

"Thankyou...though i dont have a girlfriend, maybe you can be." I said. There in my office Johnnie shared her first kiss with me but it wasn't her last. As she talked about her self. I honestly fell for her and nd totaly forot about claudia.

Johnnie said "my mom is here please to talk her about my love." Sherook me buy the hand dragged me out hermothers car and shetold her that we were in love.

"Really with you new sensei," the mother asked.

"Yes mom, " she said. The mother said she was stubborn and there was nothing ti do but give me and Johnnie her blessings.

Johnnie tenderly kissed me.

"I am kinda lonesome can i stay at your place mam?" I asked the mother. The mother said "anything for my daughter."

So for the next few months i stayed with johnniece. We did not much except watch samurai movies, kiss or making out and her practice her karate. Her love was genuine and pure where as claudia was more darkness and sex.

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