Karate love 3

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loe between two lesbian black belts

Horror / Erotica
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Love making and gambling

That evening we were at work gambling and everying thing was going well then when i was just saving evens and odds and the about throw the dice into the cup. Johnnie came closer to me and whispered in my ear saying that she wanted to make love me will working.

I was surprised with this girl, she was shy a year ago but now was getting bold and seductive.

She licked me ear and i jumped.

"We will make love after this bet I promise," i whispered back.

Then she said, " why can we do both lovely."

"What work and have make love to you at the same time," i said. " infront of these guys, sure why not kind of kinky."


"It means fun"

"Ok," Johnnie said.

She reach down my shirt and massaged my breasts and kissedmy neck and stuck her tounge into my ears as if to kiss it as i hosted the betters and play with the dice.

"Sweetie if you want to you can take me down and give me oral."

She gently pushed me, put her mouth on my womanhood and stuck her probing tounge in to me. I tried to not to let this to distrub the gaming. But the guys were more focused with us and not so much for bettering. If any thing they were putting their money on who would cum first.

I came to easily but that problably is because i was in love this girl dearly.

Most of the guys who betted on her lost all the money to me snd the house.

We managed to keep our clothes on. At the end of gambling session. Johnnie and i had our own gambling session. Similar to the dice game nut of money if you bet wrong you had to strip off a piece of clothing away.

We both ended up in the nude kissing our mouths and other parts of our bodies.

We made love in the gmbling den until about midnight. Then trudge home.

The next night we found a livable place in the gambling den that we could use as a free living area. Thus we did have to walk the dangerous streets on in the dead of night. We moved in as soon as we found it. It was a little rustic but romantic.

When we werent taking money for the yakuza we were just a couple of love birds... inseparable. All ways making love while not eating.

We had enough room from Johnnie to practice and continue her training at my hand.

She was getting better then mr or claudia combined and was going for her 9th degree now being the youngest grand master in karate.

They day of the exams i closed the den down so i could pray that all they i could have taught her would sink in.

I sleeped a loney girl that night and awake to cheerful hello from a family voice. It was Johnnie

" how do it go my love," i asked.

"I am a very young 9th degree black belt now i can teach you my moves and mabybe you will get there," she said embracing and kissing me.

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