The House Of Death

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Elizabeth is a smart girl who questions the world around her. Only to start questioning herself when weird things happen in the abandoned house, she and her dad just moved into.

Horror / Mystery
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Do you ever wonder about the world around you, and the people in it. You're just one small dot in a massive community, you are just insignificant compaired to everything else and everyone. You don't matter. And thats okay.

Sometimes being noticed, being something bigger, can be more of a curse then a blessing. The spotlight is on you, everyone looking at you, judging you, picking you apart, finding something wrong with you, just to share with the world how imperfect you are.

Why do we do that, we're all human, we're all different but the same, alike but unique. Why do we judge others and look for faults in other people. Why do we let other peoples thoughts make us so insecure.

Why do our beliefs tear one another apart.

Im Elizabeth, im 18 years old, approximately 5ft 5. I have long wavy Auburn hair, green eyes and im covered in freckles. My looks have always been point of discussion in my school. People just seem to not like Gingers, not that i will ever understand why. But even with all the hate i still have my bestfriend, Molly. She is the most wonderful, caring person i have ever met, she is practically a super model with her long black hair, icey blue eyes, dimples and being 2 inches taler then me. I always looked out of place next to her but she never minded what others thought me and her get along really well and know we can trust eachother like true friends.

But all this was about to change, my dad lost his job so we had to move out of the city, for his new one. I hated it leaving my only friend behind, starting all over again i find it hard enough making friends. And now im moving the the middle of nowhere in a town called Esterbell. I have looked online for as much information as possible but it's practically nonexistent, a ghost town. I've asked my dad how he even found a job in a place thats not even on the map and all he says is it was on a job listings site. After a long journey, we pulled up to an old run down house. The house was so ominous 3 stories of grey brick with black windows and doors. All the plants were dead and half the windows were boarded up. Something felt off with this house something i can't quite put my finger on.

"So what do you think" my dad said as he gestured towards the house.

"What do i think? Were nothing actually living here are we?" I exclaimed, my dad rolls his eyes and puts his arm round me as we walk tiwards the house "it's not that bad, it has alot of potential." I stop and look at my dad "it's practically falling apart, no way am i staying in there. No way that house is safe" my dad pulls me closer and looks at me as he always does to convince me "they have ensured the housevis safe and im getting alot of money to renovate this house, money we need so please just give this a chance" i looks at my dad, but my frustration just melts away, i snile at him and say "Okay". He gives me a big smile and hugs me tight "things will get better for us i promise"

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