The Mask

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A brilliant man is mentally torched as his body physically changes by an ancient being that is older than time.

Horror / Fantasy
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Life is never fair, it never was. It starts off as the best life someone can ask for, but then it turns on you. It all started a little after I introduced the new cybernetic super soldier program to the public. I was trying to lock up my working area, then I saw something out the corner of my eye. It looked like some sort of mask on my counter. It wasn't until I got a better look at the details of the mask, it almost looked like a real face. It had wrinkles under the sockets of the eyes, the nose looked real, but the only features about the mask was the white thick plastic it was made of, and the long smile that spread across it's face. I picked up the mask and put it on my face. Everything went dark. It felt as if my eyes were stabbed with burning knives. I heard whispers and cries for help of men, women, and children. Then everything went numb, and that is when it all started.

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