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I used to hate them.... But don't know when they started hating me?

Horror / Humor
Pranjali Aditi
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Chapter 1

Tring! Tring! Tring!

Uh! I hate this. Just tell me the name of the one who invented it, and I swear to haunt him at hell. It just interrupted me while I was doing my favourite job.

Uhhh! I quickly got up from my peaceful sleep and stretched my hand from under the blanket to stop the alarm clock from ringing. I quickly got up from my bed, leaving the warmth and comfort of the blankets, and dragged myself towards the bathroom.

I lazily brushed my teeth which took almost 15 minutes and then took a quick shower to recover. I don't want to look like a zombie! I passed on a yellow top and faded shorts. Then I tied my curly red hair in a pony tail and applied some lip balm to regenerate the dead cells of my dried and chapped lips.

Oh! My cute pink lips.

I put on my leather boots and took a last look at my reflection before leaving the sight of my dresser.

Yahoo! I am Ready. Time to go!

I took my clutch from the table and hung it on my shoulder, then left my messy room all alone, not a single soul to disrupt its beauty.

Poor room! How helpless it would feel when there's no one to add on to its hideous appearance!

As soon as I got down the stairs, I bumped into something, ohh wait! Someone. I looked at the person and then cursed my luck.

Why this someone has to be him!

"Sorry dad!" I blurted out before he could start his Be careful! Watch your way! Speech.

Really you are lucky that your dad doesn't holds a chest full ways to scold you by dipping his speeches in the chocolate syrup!


He looked at me and smiled.

"Where's my baby princess going?"

Ugh! Baby Princess! Seriously!

But I am not in mood now.

"Dad! I am 18 now."

"Okay, okay! Calm down. So, where are you going Miss Shyly Johnson?"

Whenever your parents call you by your full name it's an indication of your death. But the situation is little messed up for me, I am not as lucky as you!

When my dad calls me by my full name, he's either in a play mood or I am in extreme danger. But now he's chuckling, so I would like to go with the first option.

Lol! Shyly your life's not a game show!

I looked up at him, his chuckling face, and showed him my sheepish smile. Haha! Devil me.

"To the mall."

" No! You promised me."

Call the name of the devil and devil is here.

Here comes Scar! Scarlet, my younger sister, the love of my life. Really? She's 8. She's beautiful. She's blonde. She's cute. She's awesome. She's perfect.

She's hell.

You must have known by now that how much I hate her. Now back to Reality. Let's see why the devil is squealing.

"No! You promised me that today you are coming with us." She squealed. Devil!

Dad looked at me with a serious look and asked, " You promised?"

Yeah! I promised so what's the big deal! Promises are made to broken.

I nodded and he continued, " Oh Scarlet! She's coming."

My mouth hung open and I tried to argue, " But- "

He cuts me off and continued, " You seriously don't want my 'Respect your promise' speech now."

I gritted my teeth but then decided to go with them to the circus.


I gritted my teeth but then decided to go with them to the circus. I quickly ran towards dad's room to bring his car's keys as he told me to.

I got in the room, took the keys from coffee table and left, slamming the door behind. I ran to to the stairs, willing to end this as soon as possible. But when I got to stairs, my leg slipped and I fell down the stairs. Haha! Actually I was rolling down. I can't help but chuckle the nursery rhyme.

Jack and Jill went up the hill,

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And jill came tumbling after.

Ahh! It hurts.

After hearing the sound of my fall, dad and Scar ran to me and took me up. Scar ran to the kitchen and brought first aid box while dad helped me to get to the couch.

I had cuts all over my arm and legs. Legs' are the minor ones but my arms are bleeding.

Scar took the cotton and put some antiseptic on it before starting to clean my wounds with it. Ahh! It hurts. It hurts so much. I think I am feeling weak right now only because of my carelessness. How the heck could I forgot to take my drugs! I need them. I badly need them.

I searched for my clutch but stopped midway thinking about my dad.

He will be really upset if he finds out that I am taking drugs. He will curse himself for not being a good and responsible father and then consider himself as mom's culprit. He really misses her. Actually my mom died five years ago, when I was thirteen and Scar was three, Only three, and ever since dad is taking care of both of us. He is a businessman but still I and Scar are his first priorities and he takes this 'caring ' thing really seriously.

I don't want to hurt him.

I looked at Scar. She's looking so sweet and innocent that I wanna wrap her in a bear hug. She had completed the cleaning and had done it really well. But her face, she is looking sad.

"You're hurt?" She asked me innocently with tears that filled her big hazel eyes.

"Not that much Scooby! " I assured her by calling her nickname. She really loves to be called that.

"Oh! Okay. But you need rest Shaggy." She smiled sadly and went to the kitchen to put back the first aid kit from where she had brought it first.

"No one is going anywhere. Trip Cancel." Dad announced.

I looked at Scar. She is really looking very sad. I am feeling bad for her. It's all because of me.

"No dad! You will go because Scar wants to go." I declared. After all, they can't cancel their plan because of me.

"But-" He tried to argue but I am not going to give him any chance now.

"Please!" I made a puppy face and it melted him. Yeah!

"Okay! Stay well." He finally said defeated. Hah! I made it.

"But you are not coming with us?" Scar pleaded with her innocent hazel eyes staring and aiming stars at me. Ohh! Why the hell she has to be so cute?

"Who said I am not!"


We are finally here, at the circus. Uhhh! I hate circus. I hate clowns.

Actually I hate everything related to Clowns. I seriously hate them.

Dad went to buy the tickets and Scar went with him to buy her stuff. They asked me if I need something and I simply told them to bring Zero Sugar Coca Cola for me alongwith popcorn.

We showed our tickets to the man at the gate and entered the circus. For me, I was passing the entrance of hell.

Hope that it gets over soon!


Woof! Thank God. It's over. If I were to be there a second more, I would have seriously gone crazy.

Thank God that hell had so many bustards!

"Shy! You shouldn't have done that!" Scar scolded me from behind because of my bad behaviour.

I know it's vice versa here. Usually elder ones scold younger ones for their bad behaviour but in our case, it's just opposite. I do mischief and Scar scolds me. It's really fun though, to be scolded by the younger sister.

"Oh really Scar! What I had done?" I asked her innocently, haha! Fake innocence.

"Oh Don't act innocent. You know you were shouting like a Shit at the clowns." She snapped at me showing her big wide eyes. Hah! She thinks she can scare me with it. Bad move girl!

"They are freaking Shit. They deserve to be insulted. " I smirked.

"Mind your language girls. " Dad growled from behind.

I leaned back on him and whispered, "Dad they are Shit. They don't deserve to be a stain on my boots. Who the hell finds them amusing?"

"Aye!" Scar yells. Yeah! You are always there to ruin the fun.

"Miss Shyly Johnson focus on driving. It's my favourite car. I don't want any dents on it neither a single soul hurt. Did you get it?"

What the hell! Why can't he leave me alone while driving. Why he has to always mess up my mind with his 'be careful' speech.

That's why I made him sit on the back seat and tagged Scar on the front. But still he has to mess! I mean I love him but sometimes it's really irritating.

"Shy look!" Scar yells.

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and looked forward. I had my drugs while everyone was watching the act of that freaking idiot, so I must be perfect but I don't get why I am losing my control? Really don't know.

It was then I saw a white dot on the road, I neglected it and refused to slow the pace of my car. But then, when my car got near it, it turned to be something I haven't expected in my scariest nightmare.

I hit the dot and it flew in air. I looked up with my eyes wide and recognised the dot in the mid air.

My God!



I know that you are thinking it as a cliché story or something like....usually happens in boring movies.

But I must tell you....


There's something unexpected for you.


Read carefully


Don't miss the end....

# Don't judge it till you make it to the end.


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