Karate psycho

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jiro dreams of being a yakuza, karate superstar and serial killer all at the same time with being his girlfriend who he uses more of an object. will this high school reject figure out what love is or to regard life as sacred or be a waste of human DNA.

Horror / Erotica
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Triple threat

The thing i am is i like to pimp my girlfriend to local yakuza.....in the hopes that they will let me join their ranks, i am also i karate psycho that means i am a psychopath who enjoys practicing and a black belt in karate. I am psychopath because i hurt animals and enjoy gettting into fights or anything that invloves a shit load of blood, violence and or death. My favorite smells to me are rotting deading things and the smell of my girl friends pussy.

I look like a vampire only with scars and dress like a punk and smell like death.my first kill was my grandmother who was molesting me when i was a first degree black belt and had it. Then i sliced up my parents and because a street punk. I complain of the rival yakuza family for my deeds.

My name......jiru metsuka one crazy fucker.

Let me tell you me the good points. I met my beautiful and loyal girls Lei from karate before i became a black belt. We were child hood friends. I know i should treat her with more dignity and love but i have sadomasochistic tendencies unfortunately she gets in the way of them.

I have slapped, punched and kicked her. I guess it because i wasnt allowed in school and she was. I guess i am jealous but i dont feel emotions. I do have dreams become boss of the local yakuza, become an international champion in karate and serial killer. The serial killer thing Lei doesn't not know about. I dont intend on her to know.

She is beautiful as fuck, she looks like the Japanese version cynthia rothrock is fun to kiss.

I have had it with you pimping me to your crime family, jiru. Join or i leave."

Something snapped in me and i went and joind the yamashita family the next day. I pleaded and begged trying to show emotion when i was alone with the boss.

"You can join but you have an martial arts training.....that would be useful these days," he asked.

"Yes fourth degree age 20.,"

"Good a prodigy," he said.

I smiled and showing my screwed up teeth.

"Thank you oyabun!!!"

When i got home Lei asked if i had the job.

"Yes baby i did," i had as i taker her out of the pants put her in a split told her to lick one of my many samurai swords."do you like licking that while i thrust into you." This my way of making love..... kinky.

"Just dont cut your tounge sweet as i fuck you," i giggled.

As she licked the katana i got big and hard and startrd to thursting slowly first the speed up and forcefully. Then she nicked her tounge i go lick the blood off her tounge and katana. It was really erotic actually. The i took the sword away i we kissed tenderly and passionately and deeply.

When she fell asleep i got dressed and start my dark hobby......killing and torturing prostitutes with my martial arts weapons. Something about my girlfriend sends me into a killing frenzy.

I dont rape i just kill and practice my karate on them until they die. Then i take their money and jewelry and give them to Lei. Tonight i was practicing the sai on the prostitutes.....mostly a defensive weapon good for when they fight back. I like it when the fight back. It makes me giggle like a little fucked up girl.

Ans sensei said he wondered who go i was getting good with weapons and their forms. Again i just giggle an think you'd like to know.

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