Karate psycho 2

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jiru is the youngest under boss of the infamous Yamata crime family and as his girl friend as is his loving body gard and international karate champion who want to his love his sick hobby.

Horror / Erotica
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I kept the dojo open and owned at lei's insistence as this was were our home and love nest. Beside i wasnt going to get rid of something so near and dear to me. You might as well just to sell my daughter to another fucking family. No i wont. But the family i inherited for getting rid of an assassin. What ever happened to him i do not know to now do i give flying fuck. For all i care the dead assassin is washed up on s Californian beach freaking some love birds. The fucking that makes me fucking giggle like my girlfriend as i make love to her.

Turn the one of the rooms into a meeting place and office for me and my henchmen yo talk without scaring my lover or daughter. Though Lei had some thing to do with the decorations in the room, i even used it as the dojos office during day light hours. I went there went i was upset with life and did want to inflict anything on my lovely Lei.

"Lei Goro," she whispered in my ear and was teasing my ear lobe. "How does that sound."

"It sounds great but i was hope to show our love my beautiful body guard with out my daughter present at this time."

"Ok, honey." She said shoing murai away to her room. Then she returned to my office and started to seduce me ......not that i needed any seduction i thought as she took off her uniform while lying on the leather couch.

"You know that the best bodyguard isnt a consort but a wife, darling pupil." I kissed her, she ask me if i was proposing and said that i was.

The we continued to make out on the couch.

"Jiru, sweetheart i will love and orotect you dearl," she said. " youtmr no freak of nature or a fiend your just missunderstood. I too have had issues that made me violent too, but i was able to get some help."

"What," i said.

"I am saying i am just as 'psychopathic' as you and i know about your past hobby....i want to join in on your next killing," she said said tracing my facial features with her finger. And kiss me. "No make love to me."

This kept getting better and better. She was just a psycho as i. Right the in my office we made mad love on the couch. This took up most off the night and we wanted to love eacother until the morning. So all night Lei and i fucked passionately and slowly.

"My goth sensei," she moaned. "I am glad we found eachother."

By the timr dawn came we were asleep on the couch in eachothers arms. Just our karate uniform tops coving us.

"What the fuck," a voice growled. I wake up to the rude wake up call when i reallised it was one of my henchmen wanting to talk me.

"How long were you here," i said as i was shoing Lei out.

"Long enough to know you had a good night.. . Listen the yukimura family is up to shit and we need to get ride of the boss take over their turf," sanada said.

"Sanada you could have waited until my girl was out of the office," i snarled. "Are you a fucking pervert."

"Kinda," he said. "We need to meet."

"We will after the tournament its coming up soon. me and my lover have to prepare, the fucking yukimuras can fuck them selves. Make them do something to shit themselves. Smoke bomb."

I got rid of him....finaly

For the rest of the day Lei and i spent time practicing our forms and our techniques then make love in hour small bedroom beside murais room.

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