The karate girl

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when 18 yearold liza's boy friend and love of her life is killed by the yakuza she goes on bloody murder spree against the yakuza and drinks and eats from her victims.

Horror / Romance
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Love's first kiss

I can still the remember the first kiss and my first "i love you" as if it were yesterday. Or mintue it seemed like mintues ago. I was talking to my friend Pete Carroll just as the karate class was ending . I was 18 2 degree and he was 20 3rd degree. We were shoot ing the breeze when he said "hey liza, i love you always had." I did not think this place was going to the sight of my first kiss but it was we kiss tenderly three times in the dojo as some of the kids were making fun of us. We took the kissing session out to the alley.

"Its getting late my mom will tear me a new one," i said. It was hard to let go of his hand.

"Goonight beautiful," Pete called out. It was hard to leave him then. And that was one night.

When i got home my mom was wondering why i was weeping.

"You know Pete Carroll, we shared a kiss. Mom were not just friends anymore but in love," wept with joy of a love and of sorrow for having to leave him for 24 hours.

That night i couldnt sleep but thought of Pete until it was breakfast.

It was Friday so it would be busy tonight but still Pete made time to kiss me. It wasnt six months that we started to sleep with eachother at his place. I was practically living there except for meals.

This i thought was would true love was an that we would never be separated ever except by my meals and working.

We partook in the tournaments and other karatr related events getting the time kiss and make out.

"Liza you are the stars and the moon combined. I love you love you," he said and when we had to be separated he said "love you darling Liza."

We were going to do a tournament that i did not know was going to decide our fate.

We were at the tournament and spend the most of the time making out unless it was our turns to compete. We kissed and wished eachother good look.

I did everything but weapons and at the time i did not feel the intetest or need for weapons. But Peter loved practicing with them.

He specialized in the katana.

I won in forms and he won in weapons. We were given our awards. And Pete was given a rare katana for his performance. It was beautiful.

Apparently it was so rare that i later found it was the reason for him being taken from. But i did not think of it. He knew more about the katanas the samurai and said that i was they one that iyeasu used to win the battled of sekigahara. This thing should have been in a museum i always thought.

But pete was too proud of it and like me took it to classed in case we had to do weapons. I of course loving watched him.

One evening he said that we went to give something seal the love we had.

He proposed to me in class and gave me a ring from his late mother who died of cancer.

He said that he loved me.

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