Tae kwon do vampires

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two yakuza lovers who met in Taekwondo as high school dropouts decided to kill or vampiric killing spree up setting the oyabun and the police. while they lose fingers and or their freedom. or worse eachother.

Horror / Erotica
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Making out in an alley

As my my boy friend yoshi and i (ichi)make out in alleys we country ourselves lucky that we were are abled to be yakuzas even though we are to gay young men in love. We look older then 18 we look tougher to as we have been from poor backgrounds and had to beg for our money where as the rich shits git an allowance or a fucking job. But we were to poor and stupid for a proper job. We look about middle aged yet with thick youthful black hair. We had a rough life and it shouwed in our prematurely aged faces. We grow up and went to a remedial school the same school. Were we started to experiment with our sexuality and fantasized about eachother. Wanting to sleep with other at the age of 15. Since then we were in love and made out in alleyways. We also good in Taekwondo "finally something those door nobs are agood out," said our parents. We were friends lived on the same impoverished street in tokyo and our parents were two pairs of fornicating abusive sacks of shit to the both of us.

When we came out of the closet though they said "those f*ggot door nobs" obviously know ahead of time ......people are not as stupid as you might think as they can tell by the behavior.

Even though we were git at Taekwondo our parents still beat the shit out of us and we had to take karate as well to keep weapons in our small rooms.

We promised eachother that we hit it big in the martial arts world and teach the mother fucking "horny door nobs a thing or two about respect. You can beat out of someone it has to be taught through kindness and earned from the pupil.

We had no one to tell that our retread parents keep assaulting us physically especially after the coming out. We about to cull them like the animals they are when our sensei who does karate and Taekwondo asked if we were being abused. We answered yes.

He called the police and had our parents arrested both mine and yoshi's. He said "ichi and yoshi you're a loving pair of young men and tou can help out in the dojo and live here to. Understand." What we didnt know was that he was grooming us to be yakuza not just martial artists. We had a feeling.

We went to the alley to talk not just a place to make out.

"Sweet yoshi we could get real money and respect," i said.

He kissed me tenderly on the mouth.

Thus we have two young but mature/ tough looking guys making out in an alley in the red light district. We had crew cuts and looked realy tough. Over they years we have found many facial scars and wear the standard sun glasses.

We made people very uncomfortable but we just flip them the bird when we hear "f*ggot yakuzas," which is on a hourly basis. But there we kiss a d feel each other up.

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