La Insectum Homme

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26 year old violet is heading into happiness. Starting a family with her Husband Samuel and starting a Biomedical career in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But her mother, who hates her more than anything, calls her asking her if she would come to Austin, Texas her home town for the anniversary of her brothers disappearance. She thought simply nothing could go wrong. But once strange things start happening she couldn't be any further from wrong

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1999, 23rd of March. Austin, Texas

Bindy ran faster than any other dog the six-year-old Violet had ever seen. The Australian Kelpie had been acting quite strange lately and the Samson family just couldn't work out why. However, they were far from aware of the danger she knew of. Bindy, a child of the realm, was connected to earth, fire, water and air. The 1000-year-old 'dog' could be described as a protector of the earth. Her soul was reborn every time something evil came about or stirred awake from its slumber. She could be reborn as anything from a crocodile to a bee or a bird. And only she had the power to defeat the evil presence that would rain havoc on Austin.

The small girl ran as fast as her tiny, fragile legs would take her. Violets Mother put her older brother Derek in charge of watching Bindy and Violet while she went to pick some vegetables that were located 200m north to the farm. The 13-year-old Derek was too invested in his Gameboy and Sony Walkman, to take notice of his young sister running and Bindy's ceaseless barking. He was oblivious to the malevolent force that's roaming just around the corner.

Violet was determined to show that she was big and strong like Derek. Her mother and father always pinned him as the one who was going to make it big in the world, they did nothing to praise violet it was no wonder she wanted to prove she was bigger and better. And the small girl was not only productive, she always made it a point to help around the farm. She also was very smart for her age and since the samson family didn't have the time to drive their children 30 minutes to a school, they home-schooled them. Even though she was supposed to be in first grade she was doing 2nd grade work. She was going to be someone who meant something, someone who would change the world. And that's why Bindy was assigned to protect her. The keepers of the realm assigned Bindy to the Samsons because of her great power and undefeated rank.

Bindy was still sprinting, you could hear her paws digging into the hard soil, and Violets small feet were making small yet thunderous thuds, the wind was turning her long blonde hair into harsh whips that would whip her back with every turn or leap. The pairs short yet distant journey would lead them to the lair of what they had unknowingly been fearing.

Unsettlement rolled deep in Derek's stomach, making a home for itself. Trailing its slimy fingers down his spine and finally, tickling his arms and legs with its spiky fur. Which lead to the realization that Violet and Bindy were no longer present. In fact, they were sprinting towards the east of the farm, travelling towards the woods that their parents said was absolutely-at all costs- forbidden.

Derek knew what he had to do. He had to run after them, he debated on calling his mother, but it was no use alerting her she was 200 metres away from the house. Or his father whom his mother sent into town to get some spices for her soup. It would not only help his sister – possibly saving her life who knew what could be out there, he was sure there were bears and wolves – it would also ensure the rescue missions happening. Jumping to his feet he ran, his heart, beating rapidly out of its cage. Seemingly eager to rescue his sister from the bears and wolves or worse... the insistent scolding she would receive from their parents. Although Derek loved their parents, Derek knew of how they were unfair on Violet, he didn't know why but even though he didn't show it, he loved and cared for Violet unconditionally and he tried dearly to replace the love she never got from their parents.

With every leap his legs would take he felt prickles and rocks stab his feet, sending sharp pains up his legs. But this only urged him to accelerate his former pace.

Meanwhile, Violet and Bindy were nearing the evil that had been so desperately luring them. Bindy could sense it nearing, she sensed something was wrong. She turned back to see violet 25m from her current location. She had to get back. It was a trap. La Insectum wanted Violet. But she wouldn't let him have her. She growled at Violet in an attempt to scare her.

Standing a few meters from Bindy, Violet began her rant. "Bindy! You shouldn't act in that way. Mama will give you a scolding!" She internally smiled at Violet, still worrying about her even though she wasn't the one in danger. Padding over to violet, she nudged Violets arm with her head capturing Violets attention letting her know she wanted to go back. However, when Bindy lifted her head she saw Derek fiercely sprinting towards them. And when he reached them, he picked up violet and started walking back.

The tall boy turned around looked down at Bindy "Come on Bindy, we have to get back before Mom or Dad find out we've been gone." She barked at him and turned back to where she knew La Insectum to be. Hoping Derek wouldn't follow. She ran for it.

Derek was unsure of what to do. Violet kept kicking, yelling for him to 'go and get Bindy!' He knew his Mom wouldn't get back for another 15 minutes and his dad would be 45 minutes away at least. Bindy would surely protect them. He put Violet down and took her hand in his ready to find out wherever Bindy could have wandered off to.

About 5 minutes into their walk when Derek was ready to go back home. Violet started yelling 'there! There!' She pointed towards a clearing in woods where Bindy was being held up by a pale, robust man with dark hair and a suit. His fingers grew into sharp talons that began to slice into Bindy's neck and when she gave her final plea for mercy, that finally yelp. It snapped Derek out of his momentary freeze.

He crouched down to violet as the man dropped Bindy to the ground. He whispered in her ear and calmly spoke "run" but Violet didn't run she stood frozen, mouth agape watching the man who had turned towards them showing his blazing red eyes, and if you really, really studied them you would find the gates of hell awaiting your one stop visit.

And with a sharp sinister smile the man spoke. "well hello Derek, I'll be taking your dear sister" That seemed to snap Violet out of her shocked state, and she started running faster than she knew was possible. The girl was terrified, it was no wonder she was home in a total of 7 minutes. But while she was on the run, Derek was still there getting crowded in a swarm of bugs he screamed but no one would here over the buzzing of the insects. The man walked into the swarm coming into Derek's view. "Little boy, you've pissed me off. You could have let your sister die but now it'll have to be both of you" The man ripped Derek's throat out with one swipe of his sharp talons and left the insects to feed off him

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