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Available on Kindle --- We face a war, unknown to society, we face it in complete silence, everything falls apart, step by step, our lives depend on the survival skills we have, and our survival depends on the steps we take. If we quit now, there won’t be a tomorrow, and without the hope to face tomorrow, our future erupts.

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1. Preface


Beginning of the end

Pale View Island

"Chief - Chief,"

My attention turn to the young lad, interrupting my stand so (rudely), red substance cover his skin so (messy). His pale exposed skin shows confusion. His voice cracks with every pant.

"What is it boy? Why are you not on your post?" He exhales (sharply), holding his stomach for a brief rest. Sweat drops crawl from underneath his helmet.

Crawling over his (exposed) cheekbones. Hunters and warrior hunters was different from one another - both had to endure the tough training provided for them, but both faught with different weapons.

It was a necessity for both parties to understand the kind of battles they would face, and regardless of the enemy - it was forbidden to simply slaughter . . . learning the crime of the (enemy) exposed different kinds of punishment.

"Something happened Sir - I am uncertain how to explain their position,"

Because of their knowledge, many knew about the dangers and many understood, but there was those who simply wanted our knowledge.

I squeeze his shoulder for encouragement, "Tell me quickly boy, what is going on?"

"A few men - they returned from the city, but the ship . . . it holds (creatures) . . ."

"Creatures . . . what kind of creatures boy?"

"Chief, they said these (creatures) was the men on t-the ship,"

I shake, "I am completely confused now son, the (creatures) was the men?"

He nods variously, "Yes Sir, the (creatures) woke up . . . they were killed on board, but they stood up as if nothing wrong them. Soldiers captured them in cages, but was badly injured,"

I glance behind him at the screaming . . . limping figures growling unusually, "What is going on soldier?" He turns to the noise, holding his sword in place.

"They are coming Sir,"

"Who is coming?"

"The dead Sir - the dead are approaching,"

We face a war, unknown to society - we face it in complete silence - everything falls apart, gradually. Our life’s depend on the survival skills we have - our survival depends on the steps we take.

If we quit now, there will not be a tomorrow - without the hope to face tomorrow - our future erupts.

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