When it turns Dark

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Chapter 2

29 November 2011

Second day in camp.

I was feeling refreshed as I took a bath early in the morning and walked back into my room when something was thrown right on my face. A squeal escaped my mouth as I looked at the thing which was now lying on the ground.

“What the hell?” I asked as I picked up a khaki-colored pant. As I looked back at my friend, she hurled a red color belt in my direction and immediately I jumped to my side, missing it from being hit on my face.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at her and everyone around me looked at me for the words I used so early in the morning. The window was open, and the chilly wind came in and as I had taken a bath, I felt cold and I shivered, wrapping my towel around me.

“Your NCC uniform, you dumbass!” she rolled her eyes and it was when I noticed how everyone around me was wearing their NCC uniform which comprised of Khaki colored full sleeve shirt and trousers. I was already wearing my white-colored shirt on which I was supposed to wear my full khaki shirt.

“Here are your shoes,” she said as she pointed at the black leather shoes called drill march shoes.

"From where did you get all this? And where is my shirt?" I asked as I looked at my trousers and shoes.

"They came to give us our uniform while you were gone and unfortunately, they are out of shirts. You will have to wait two days, to get your shirt. Meanwhile, you are allowed to perform the drills with the white shirt, khaki trousers, and drill shoes," she told me as she buttoned up her shirt and I pouted at her.

Everyone in the room was ready. They were dressed in the uniform and only two to three people didn't have shirts. And I was one of them.

"Could you not keep me one shirt?" I huffed at her and she narrowed her eyes at me. "I did keep shoes, trousers, and your belt! Everyone jumped on the package to get their package. Be happy at least you have the other things, look back! Some don't have shoes and some don't have trousers. How awkward it would look if they do the drill with a flat duh!" she told me and I nodded sighing as I kept my thing down.

It was only five in the morning as we got ready and I brushed my hair. I had really short blunt hairstyle which fell right under my earlobe and I used black plastic headbands a lot with my straight and short hairstyle.

"Ready?" she asked and I nodded and we looked back at our other mates. "Ready girls?" I asked and said a yes in unison. Previous night while roll calls, we were asked to choose a leader of our troops and I ended up being the leader as the majority of the girls were in my favor. They simply liked me because I had no girly tantrums, I was fit and sporty, they thought I had all the leadership qualities and mostly because I performed my responsibilities better.

We walked out and it was really cold. The sun was yet to rise and it past five-thirty in the morning. Waking up early in the morning was not a big deal for me, but I hated cold winter nights. First, we had to gather in the small exposed part of the building for roll calls of the morning and then go out for drills and jogging.

I wanted my team to be punctual, so I woke them up early and made sure each one of them got ready before me as they were being lazy because of winter cold night. But the fact that my group consisted of few members made it easy for me to hold the group. We descended down the stairs and as we were passing by the main entrance everyone stopped following me and I looked back to find them standing near the only mirror on the whole campus as they adjusted their uniform while some applied some lipstick and kohl to their eyes.

"Are you here for a fashion show?" I asked as I put my hand on my waist and they shrugged at me. While I heaved a sigh and paced around waiting for them to finish. I was not interested in how I looked and very rarely I would look at mirrors because I never used anything like makeups, lipsticks or anything. My hair was short and I had the same style every day, so I just brushed my hair without a mirror and used the headband. I was not at all attracted to a mirror, as other girls did. Perhaps, it was also I was called a hard tomboy!

I was getting annoyed as I saw some groups already on the field and I turned around ready to yell at them when something black and blurry passed through my eyes and vanished into the dark staircase. I could feel my heart speeding up as I ran towards the stairs and looked up wanting to know what in the world I just saw.

"What happened?"

It was PD as she stood right beside me and looked up.

"I think I saw something, it was black and blurry," I said as I looked up but saw nothing in sight. Two girls from other schools ascended down, talking to each other as I stopped them before me.

"Excuse me, did you guys like see anyone going up from this staircase?" I asked and they both looked back at each other and shook their head no to me.

"No! We just came down and there was nobody going up because we were standing right near the balcony," one of them told me and I furrowed at them.

"But how is this possible? I just saw someone going u-" I felt PD putting her hand on my shoulder as I stopped mid-sentence and looked back at her.

"Thank you," she told them and they nodded as they side-stepped me and walked away towards the field.

"What are you doing? There was no one! We were the one people near the stairs, right? Then how come, anyone, walk past us and go up on the stairs without us noticing them? There was no one! We did not have our dinner last night and like always, I think your blood pressure is going down. I think that's the reason you are seeing things blurry," she said and even though I was not satisfied, I nodded because she was right. I did have a record of low blood pressure and it might have been the reason.

But the thing was floating.

"Come, let's get done with this and have breakfast. We have a long day!" she said as she held my hand and I descended down the stairs as my group members looked back at me.

"What's wrong?" they asked and we looked back at each other as we shook our head no saying a quiet 'noting' as we made our way back towards the ground with them following us.

Whatever it was, I still couldn't take it out of my head. If there was nothing then why does the hair stood up on the back of my neck and my hands? Why is my heartbeat still strong and why am I feeling restless? My body was reacting to something but I could see or smell nothing. It was a weird sensation but I was getting anxious and filled up with anxiety.

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