Dark Twist: A short Story

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The Dark Web as we all know is a horrible place. A place of predators, hackers, and killers. When the wrong girl steps in she finds herself interested and curious. But we all know what they say... curiosity killed the cat.

Horror / Drama
Violet T.
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Dark Twist

9:49 am and I’m late. I was supposed to be in class, but I was to busy talking to Dana. She was going on about this website on the internet. I was only half paying attention until I heard the bell ring. The buzz is still inside my ears because the school turns the volume of it up so loud.

I swing the door open and rush to my seat which was right next to Jack. Jack was cool in school. You could call him The Bad Boy that rules the school and people inside it. He’s also really good-looking, but DEFFINANTLY, not my type. His hair was black and his bangs were in his face all messy looking. Yeah, he was hotter than just hot. He could hurt any girl or boy he wanted to if he actually tried.

I open my book and look forward to Mr. Hanson who was talking about math limits, aka stuff we will never use in our lives. Jack didn’t pay no attention, instead, he was busy watching a football game live from his phone. Every once in a while= he’d look up to see what was going on, but then looked back down.

“Shit,” Jack muttered quietly. He ran his hand through his hair which caused butterflies to swarm around in my stomach.

“What?” I whispered to him.

“This shit keeps on buffering, and it’s getting on my damn nerves.” He continued to press the pause and unpause button until the video finally had worked.

I looked back toward Mr. Hanson who was now making us take notes on the stupid vocab math words that again we’ll never use in our life.

As soon as the bell rings not only is everyone rushing the class, but their ears have completely lost their hearing.

I run to my locker to talk to Dana again and hopefully about something more riveting. Nope.

“C’mon you should come to my house so we can log on together!” Dana begged. Clearly she didn’t know anything.

“That place is literally a murder land and. If someone logs into it your practically asking to be killed!” I say, but she doesn’t listen.

“We won’t get killed, it’s not like we’re going into the Dark Web. Just the Deep Web.” Dana exclaims.

“What’s the difference?”

“Your kidding? You don’t know the difference between the Deep Web and the Dark Web?” A familiar voice says behind me.

Without turning around I already know it’s Jack. Dana’s face is red as an apple. I turn around to face him and there he is standing with his arms crossed a small smirk playing on his face. He sure as hell did look good.

“N-no.” I stutter. Why’d I stutter?

“For starters, the Deep Web is a place where the government and ‘the law’ I guess you could say, share some crazy secrets that no one cares about,” he shrugged, “It’s also a place where you can buy weapons and drugs, and other shit like that.”

“The Dark Web?” Dana asks from behind me.

“That’s the place that’ll get you killed. One wrong word, or move your dead. Anyone can hack you you just have to be aware of it. Someone could hack your webcam, computer, accounts, anything else private,” he sighed, “That place shows quite the shit I’ll tell you that.”

His voice is low and hard. Practically bitter... but not surprised.

“How do you know about all this?” I ask. Before he answers the bell rings, killing my ears.

“I’ll come by your house later if that’s alright Dana?” He says.

Her face gets even redder, and nods. When Jack’s gone she gives me the he-knows-my-name look. I laugh in her face but don’t say anything.

11:20 am lunchtime. The best time in the world. Dana and I decided to sit with Jack who is always alone and bored looking. When we sit down he gives a confused look but doesn’t deny.

“What’s going on?” He asks innocently.

“Nothing much you?”

He looks at me with an evil grin that makes me shiver. Dana doesn’t say anything, probably still fixed, on the whole, he’s-gonna-be-in-my-house situation. Good thing both her parents are working till three tonight and her brother is going to be at a friends house for the night. Dana; just like all the other girls, has a huge crush on Jack and just looking at him made her face go red.

“Nothing, so when do I have to be there?”

“You could come over right after school, I’ll drive us there,” Dana whispered.

“Wait a minute you two are just gonna be there together?” I tease.

Dana didn’t see the joke coming and her eyes go wide in shock, “Aren’t you coming too?”

“Who said I agreed to this? We were just talking about it. I never said I was coming.”

Jack flushes too, his eyes wider than her’s. I laugh so hard half of the cafeteria is looking at me weird. I don’t care though, seeing their faces like that was super cute.

“I’m kidding I would never leave my best friend alone with a boy.” I keep laughing, I can’t help it.

“Not funny.” They both say at the same time and begin to eat their food.

2:30 pm and I’m done with school. I can’t take sitting in here for another five minutes. The just purposely goes slower and slower. I try not to look at the clock, but I do anyway. Just ten more minutes and the bus bell will ring, most kids just begin to sneak and walk home then. Nobody waits for the town bell to ring. Just five more minutes.

“Come on.” I groan and finally, the bell rings.

Dana, Jack, and I go outside and in the car. Dana’s in the driver’s seat while Jack and I sit in the back. Dana always gets nervous when someone is in the passenger seat next to her, so she makes them sit in the back.

“We’re here.” She mumbles.

Her house is nice. No, the backyard is nice. Her backyard is full of flowers and bight grass that is fairly cut.

“My room is upstairs, just on the right.” I know where her room is, but she was saying for Jack, “I’ll get us something to drink.”

“Need help?” Jack asks. She nods and waves at me to go upstairs and get comfy. Comfy, yeah right.

Within minutes they’re back up here holding cups. Dana hands me mine and takes a sip of her’s. She sits next to me on the bed, while Jack decides to get us “set up.”

“She’s working,” Jack says after an hour.

Dana and I were getting so bored of waiting we watched a movie while Jack did his magic. When we looked at Dana’s computer we see a dark dark screen. Somewhat like the Google screen, only this looks like someone turned on the high contrast effect and the word Google isn’t there. This is a completely different browser.

“What first?” Dana asks.

“We could look at some of the weapons?” He suggests.

We do look at them and only some are interesting. I’ve never heard of a Machete, but things do look quite interesting. The weirdest part of this all is that everything is so fucking cheap. In order to buy anything though, we need a thing called bitcoin. We didn’t have any bitcoin though, in fact, we didn’t have any type of money in our fake account that Jack set up for us.

“I think we should go deeper,” I say.

Dana and Jack both smile toward me but don’t say anything. Jack punches a few buttons and we just so happen to be deeper. Now we’re in the Dark Web.

“Here’s a video. You wanna watch it?” He asks.

Dana and I nod, quite intrigued by the thumbnail. It was a woman holding a bucket full of water.

“Welcome, newcomers and please enjoy the show.” The woman said. She was pretty looking. Tall, black hair, wearing a black mini skirt, and a redshirt, I couldn’t see her face very well though. “Our beautiful man over here has volunteered to be our little guinea pig. How amazing!” Her voice was high pitched and excited.

“I didn’t volunteer! Get me the fuck outta here!” There was a man tied up in a chair and he slurred his words as if he was drunk. The woman stood next to him and made a frowny face.

“Oops, I must have mistaken you then,” she laughed innocently, “Ah well, we can use you instead anyway. Could you bring the bucket, please?”

A man that was once off the screen came in holding a huge bucket that was full of hot, boiling water. You could actually hear the bubbles popping and sizzling because it was so hot.

“Please no, don’t!” The man screamed. I move closer to the computer screen.

“You don’t even know what’s gonna happen though!” The woman complained with an evil smirk. She took a needle from a nearby table that was hardly on the screen. “Take his pants off, please.” The man set the bucket down and did as told. “Wow, your big.” She giggled.

“Stop! Stop! I have a family!” He wailed.

“Me too, and a best friend whose like the best!” She laughed in his face like he was nothing. Nothing. Nothing. “Now I’m just gonna get a little bit of this if you don’t mind.”

She stepped toward the bucket and stuck the needle inside. She soaked in as much water as she could and then stopped once the filter was full. Standing back up she looked at the man, I wish I could see her face, but it’s all a blur. I can’t even see the man that’s been working for her.

“I’m just gonna warn you right now this will hurt you.” Her mouth made out another evil grin. Perhaps her mouth is the only face feature that I can see. “Yeah, this is gonna hurt a lot.”

“Please? Anyone else?” The man in the chair begged and cried, but she wasn’t having it.

“Nah, you seem perfect.”

With that, she got on her knees and held his penis in her hand. The man screamed for help, and I wish I could jump in and save him. But I can’t. She stuck the needle inside of his penis. Right where guys pee out of, she squeezed the boiling water right inside.

The screen went black as the man’s screams flowed out of his mouth. Once the screen was back to normal there stood the girl and the man that was helping her. The man that was tied up in the chair was no longer in the room.

“Thanks for watching.” She giggled again and for just a split second a random light flashes on the two. The light flashes so quickly I can barely see their faces.

I rewind and pause the screen. When I do I regret it. I back away from the screen and start to cry. The man and woman that stand there both have a smile on their faces. Dana and Jack.

I turn around to look at them, but they’re nowhere to be seen in the room. Oh shit. I step out of the room and into the hallway. I sprint down the stairs and just as I make it to the front door I’m blocked by Jack.

“Where ya goin?” He winks.

I run to the back door, and I’m stopped by Dana.

“Something wrong?” Her voice hits that same high note it did in the video. Bright and excited for something to happen. She looks behind me and smiles with all her teeth.

When I turn Jack is standing there. A kitchen knife in hand.

“We can do this the easy way for the hard way.” He says warning in his voice.

“Fuck you!” I scream.

I try to run to the left, but my arm is immediately caught by Dana and her smile grows.

“She chose the hard way.”

“Unfourchanantly so.”

Note: I hope you guys (if your read this) enjoyed the story and the plot twist in the end! Sorry for the men and women that had cringed through some of this... but again I hope you enjoyed this! Please like, comment, and follow!! ;)

- Violet T.

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