The Nightmare

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A girl suddenly read in the newspaper about a dead woman who exactly looked like her .She started to know deeply about the mysterious event how that girl disappeared along with her boyfriend more than three hundred years ago.Suddenly a shadow started to follow her. Who was he?

Horror / Mystery
Nadiya Mahjabin
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The Nightmare

JAN 1, 2019 at The Daily News

It was a lovely winter morning, I was on vacation. I started to read the newspaper. Reading the first news article amazed me. There in the news article was a girl in maroon gown, antique-dress, staring at me from the front page. It surprised me to see that the woman looked like me. I wanted to learn more about her, so I continued to read the news article as it developed.

It was the 1600s. A business man had a pleasant sensible daughter. Her dad and family focus about her was their life. The major problem was her father was overbearing. She could not accept all the carrying he expressed towards her. She was in love with a likable guy who was unusually bossy. The two families could not stand each other nor reach an agreement on a marriage contract. Her father arranged for marriage with another person. The girl feelings were to reject the man, however without an opportunity she could not deny the marriage contract. She loved her dad very much to cause pain. The day of the wedding, the bossy lover and girl could not be found anywhere. This was the article story and until now a mystery as to where they went. The gossip of that time was that they ran away. However now a scaffolding with two bodies tied to them had been found.

I was excited, moved to the library to have more information. The particular concern for me to know how the female sounded like me. Is there any connection with me? I could not rescue any. The sign was so pathetic when the daughter had to set which one she would sacrifice. Her love or her dwelling? It beat my heart. I was intense to recognize her mate’s picture if there was any. I saw many sketches there. I saw many sketches there. I saw many sketches there. The enchanted dwelling; the home taking supper , the lady herself, but I could not get her mate’s image.

The sunshine was preparing to set; I went back home. The entire story disturbed me, I could not avoid these that I had studied before. Something darkened it; it became blacker. I sensed something unnatural. Was there anyone follows me? I peered behind. There was nobody. I experimented to shift my care, followed at the chase, my eyes shot, a stalk was leading with me but I could not get it. An invisible guy was leading with me, but I could not detect him. I got stupid.

When my thought was backward, I met myself at home. My mommy was preparing material for me I could not see. I tried to get what took place. I got a paper of note besides me. There were three names WAITING FOR YOU. The writing was lovely but ancient-molded; we do not compose in this manner.

The next morning, everything got me to the library. It was a gloomy dawn. The breeze played. I was only in the library. I was seeking again that man’s photo but did not find. I felt something close to me. I was afraid to look at it. Something came closer to me. I saw the shadow again. It transformed into a human figure. Finally, I saw him. Tall, handsome, black hair, deadly white skin, sharp nose, sharp eyes. He covered his entire body with a black dress. I thought his favorite color was black. He looked at me as if a dead man were looking at me. I did not see his eyes blinking for a moment. He smiled. I hypnotized. I felt a deep attraction for him. What a look! It seemed he could read all my mind, but I could read nothing.

I said, “Who are you?”

He did not reply.

I repeated my question but got no answer. I thought he could not talk. At that moment I heard his voice, “Come with me. ”

I did not hear this voice before. It could not be a human voice, but it addicted me. To it. He touched my face; I did not protest. This was not my natural behavior. I felt his hands cold. I did not feel comfortable, but still I did not complain. I asked again. “Where are we going?” He replied me home. I said, “Where is it?” He said, “You have to be dead like me.”

The wind blew . The storm had sprung. I felt all doors and windows became closed. The lights were off. It was dark; it was very dark. I was alone with him in the library. He was very close to me. I could see his face more . He turned into abnormal white. I saw thirst in his eyes. I thought he would love me, but he was planning to kill me. He smiled .

I said, “Why are you doing this? I have done nothing bad for you.”

He said, “You look like exactly Alena.”

“But I am not Alena,” I shouted,

“It doesn’t matter. When you will be dead, you will be mine. Otherwise, How can I take you to my world?”. He said.

I cried. It was impossible to welcome death so that he could love me.. I thought about how I could survive. I felt his hands were touching my throat. He planned to hit my neck and kill me. I lost hope of life. At that moment I saw a flash of light. The entire house shook with lightning. I heard a big shout. He got an unusual electric shock, but I could not find any reason. It astonished me to see that handsome, deadly white man turning into a black skeleton. Finally, it vanished, it disappeared. It fainted me.

When I got my sense, I saw his photo besides me. I realized from the caption it was that girl’s boyfriend. But I could not find his name. It had not any more details. I was curious why I did not find this photo before. It surprised me more that why I got this image after all those incidents. He seemed to be so mysterious. I told myself it was a nightmare, a simple nightmare.

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