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Picture this: A ship heading out into deep, dark space, and crewed by pilots and navigators, biologists and astrophysicists, engineers and mechanics. And they’re all bots. Except for one. Me. The mission is simple – there’s something out there in space. An anomaly. A cosmic mystery they called Himiko. That’s where I’m going. 12 billion light years away. You’re probably thinking I’m some kind of dashing, genius astronaut guy. But no – I’m only good at one thing. Fixing. I can fix anything that’s broken. That’s why I’m jetting off into the great unknown. To fix the bots, to keep the bots going all the way to Himiko. But when the bots start dying of inexplicable causes, the trip into the great unknown turns deadly. Because if I’m the only real person on board – then who’s killing all the crew? And how long before it’s my turn to die?

Horror / Scifi
Luke Keioskie
Age Rating:

Untitled chapter

Then stirs the feeling infinite,

So felt in solitude,

Where we are least alone

- Lord Byron

Gonna leave this planet, man, gonna head to the galaxy

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles away

Get miles

- Gomez

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