When the midnight falls

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Terror of death, ninety eight murders, twenty three kidnaps and mourning evil has spread in the city of London just within three months. A creepy clown is on a spree... Spree of slaughtering women mercilessly. However he has a pattern to follow. A pattern that left the detectives stunned and scared when they realized what it was. He kills the women and leaves a note wrapped in a gift wrapper in their vagina... That contains the hint of his next kill. The entire London is scared and women fear going out of the houses alone. But when a detective couple... Divorced couple, decide to takeover the case... often mysteries, undesirable emotions and unbelievable secrets will unfold. 'It's the time when women needs to stay inside the houses, it's the time for them to satisfy their husbands, it's the time to follow some rules before the midnight's fall.'

Horror / Thriller
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*Creepy dark, distant music plays in the back ground*

A woman's slow suppressed sobs were clearly audible.

"Ohh Molly! Isn't it unfair that you are hiding from me? Look at me darling, I've come here traveling all over from the seven skies just to meet you. You are turning me low, ohh no!"

Speaking slowly with dramatic pitch he took steps forward bending a little down to peep in the front to search her. While she, who was trying to keep hiding under the cupboard pressed her palm against her lips preventing her sobs to break in the air and give him the idea of her location.

" Ohh no Molly, this is not you. Come out sweetheart see I am waiting for you, please don't ruin my date. "

He spoke softly yet with conflicting aggression. Roaming in the entire hall searching down the sofas, under the tables, below the chairs and in the passage of the kitchen he walked inside of the room that was next to the kitchen he began again with his searching games.

Little star... How I wonder... What you are!!!"

He sang melodiously looking below the bed while her spine chilled and hands sweated like heck. Her eyes blurred with the tears while she joined her hands praying for her life as she tried to peep out of the door through the aperture only to find him stand before the mirror with adorable glance.

"Don't you think I am beautiful' hun! "

She pressed her teeth together watching him kiss his reflection in the mirror as she stared him....

Oval shaped face covered with Thick pancake makeup had a bright red smile drawn across his face, a nose ball on his nose, bright red wig on the head, white yet dusty gloves put on, teeth... Turned black and tongue seemed red too when he opened his mouth looking in the mirror. Wearing a loose white shirt with bow and equally loose red pants that ended over his ankle. Long red big shoes torn from the edge, his eyes, those were black and dreading. But the scariest thing about him was not his looks or his appearance but the rusted big chopper was, it was in his hand that sent shivers down her spine but it was kept on the table as for now.

She sobbed harder when realizing that he was neither moving nor speaking instead he was staring himself in the mirror.

*A minute later *

" HAHAHA HA"... he bust into the fits of laughter clapping his hands making her jump inside of the closet. " OHHH I AM TOO BEAUTIFUL!"

He complimented himself.

" Up above the world so high....
Like a diamond in the SKYYYYYYYYYYY ".... And with completion of the last word... he threw the chopper in the direction of the closet.




*Lights off*

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