The Deterioration

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A terrible plague ravages the United States, this disease has 6 stages that decimate your body, leaving you unrecognizable and without the ability to properly think. The only thing you care about is the hunt and it has just begun. You, who happens to be reading this, you might want to run and hide before you catch The Deterioration.

Horror / Scifi
Belle Deforest
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It was one of those nights where clouds smeared the sky, so no moonlight shone through. A scientist named Daniel Nobel was working in the lab, mixing chemicals and as he scribbled down notes, the chemicals began to bubble. Then a strange mist rose from the chemical mixture clouding the air like murky water and seemed to consume everything in its path. As the mist engulfed Daniel he slowly began to change, his skin burned, flesh rotting and falling from bone as blood seeped over his body, fusing together with what little flesh was left, his eyes became a dark red, almost black color, nails grew into claws, and his hair started to fall out. He fell to his knees and screams of terror that soon turned to rage and hunger rang through the air as the change ripped through him. Slowly he would lose himself, bits and pieces of his memory would fade away until one day he would no longer be Daniel Nobel, but a monster that inhabited the shell of his body. The mist had already seeped into the hall as he ran for the door with only one thought running through his head, FEED. When he burst through the door and into the hall, screams filled the air, screams of the people slowly beginning the change, the change that would start it all.

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