The Shadow

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This is the novel version of my short story The Nightmare. Here a woman found about the mysterious disappearance of a woman and her lover more than three hundred years ago in the newspaper.The surprising fact was that both women looked exactly same.This turned her to investigate the incident.She started to know more about the story in the library.But suddenly, she felt a shadow started to follow her.Moreover, she got mysterious message. The question was who was doing this.

Horror / Thriller
Nadiya Mahjabin
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The Shadow

I was shocked when I read that I am dead in the newspaper.It was a beautiful winter morning, a perfect vacation.I was taking coffee ,The Morning Newspaper was in my hand ....what a big surprise! A girl with red dress,old fashioned just looked at me from the cover page ,just a perfect reflection of mine.I was really surprised.I started to go through the whole story with deep attention.

It was 1652.A landlord had a beautiful ,intelligent daughter.She was in the heart of all of her family members specially her father.But the only one problem was that her father was highly dominating. She could not but obey all of the things he had said.She was in love with a handsome guy from a rich,arrogant family .The two family could not see each other’s face.When the time came for marriage ,naturally the landlord fixed his daughter’s marriage with another guy who was their relative which the girl could neither accept nor deny as she could not say anything in front of her father.When the day of the marriage came ,nobody found the girl and her lover anywhere, as if they were vanished totally.It is a big mystery till today .The news is that recently two skeletons are found .It is expected these are related to them.

I became highly interested in the story , went to the library to gather more information.The main attraction for me to know how the girl looked exactly like me.Is there any connection with me?I could not find any.The story was so pathetic specially when the girl had to decide which one she would sacrifice,her love or her family?It touched my heart.I was eager to see her boyfriend’s photo if there was any.There were so many pictures, the beautiful house, the family taking diner together,the girl herself but not her boyfriend’s any photo I found.

The sun was ready to set ,I decided to come back home.I was depressed,I could not forget all of these that I had read before.It was dark, it became darker.Suddenly, I felt something strange .Was there anyone following me? I looked behind, there was no body.I tried to divert my mind.I looked at the road ,my eyes were stuck ,a shadow was walking with me but it was not mine.I felt an invisible guy was walking with me.I just got senseless.

When my sense was back I found myself at home.My mom was preparing something for me I could not see.I tried to remember what happened.I asked my mom how I had reached home.She told me that she heard the door knocked.She opened it and found my senseless body on the floor.I tried to remember all of those incidents that happened at the previous evening but for me , those were just like bad dreams . Suddenly, I found a piece of paper besides me.It was an off white paper and something was written with blood.I was totally astonished.I could not find anything about the sender.There was no name, there was no address.There were just three words...WAITING FOR YOU. The handwriting was very beautiful but old fashioned ,we don’t write in this way now a days.

The next morning, something pulled me to the library.It was not very far from my house. The sky was cloudy. The wind blew roughly.It seemed like a storm would come.It was dark,it was very dark.I could not see anything clearly.I was walking alone.Nothing could stop me to reach the library.

Finally ,I reached the library.Surprisingly I was alone.No one was there.I was seeking again that man’s photo eagerly but did not find. suddenly ,I heard all doors and windows became closed.The lights were off.The wind blew violently.The storm had started .I felt something behind me. I did not dare to look at it. Something came closer to me.

I saw the shadow again .The shadow became clearer slowly .It transformed into a human figure.Finally I saw him.Tall, handsome ,black hair,deadly white skin,sharp nose, sharp eyes.His whole body was covered with black dress .I thought his favorite color was black.He looked at me as if a dead man were looking at me. I did not see his eyes blinking for a moment.He smiled .I was totally hypnotized.I felt deep attraction for him.what a look! It seemed he could read all of my mind but I could not read anything.

I said,“Who are you?” He did not reply.I repeated my question but got no answer.I started to think he could not talk.At that moment I heard his voice ,“Come with me ” I did not hear this type of voice before.It could not be human voice, but I was addicted to it.

He touched my hand, surprisingly I did not protest .This was not my natural behavior.I felt his hands severe cold.I did not feel comfortable but still I did not complain.I just asked again.“Where are we going?” He replied me home.I again asked,“Where is it?“He said,“You talk too much.”

I was following him .There was no storm at that moment but the weather was still gloomy .It turned into foggy .I could not find any reason . I expected the weather would be clear but it became darker as if we reached somewhere at night but my watch said it should be day time .How we could reach another place by walking so rapidly? Now I started to notice I did not see any lively things by this time. I tried to ask him about this, he just looked at me angrily. I was afraid and at the same time I was thrilled. Was I going to be loved or was he planning to kill me?

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