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Beware of what lurks in the water 3 friends go on a spring break trip To soak up the sun Dark turning waters and hungry creatures will they survive this vacation ?

Horror / Thriller
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We all held our luggage and walked outside of the airport, the Florida humidity hit me and I felt my shirt stick to my body. Feeling sweat run into my bra, totally gross.

" Lex, is the Uber coming?”

Jessica my best friend asked me

" Yeah, it says here they should be here any minute.”

" cool”

Our Uber driver pulled up to the curb in a white Jeep Wrangler unlimited. Jeremy and Tony took our luggage and opened the door with the black spare tire on it and placed all our luggage in the Jeep and slammed the door shut. We all crammed in the Jeep and shut the doors.

We arrived at our multiple-level houses on the beach with blue siding and a metal roof. A set of stairs lead to the white front door.

A set of stairs were on the side of the house leading up to the back porch overlooking the water. Gosh, it was beautiful. We all stepped out of the Uber and we walked to the back of the Jeep that had a salt life sticker with a turtle on the back window. Tony opened the back of the Jeep and handed us all our luggage individually.

Our Uber drove off into the distance, we walked up the stairs to the white front door.

" spring break 2018! Tony yelled excitedly as he opened the front door.

We followed behind I was the last one in I closed the door behind me.

Everyone carelessly threw their luggage by the front door, going outside to the back porch.

Jessica the most organized out of all of us got her phone out with our plan on it that she spent weeks pulling together.

" first on our plan, I have Tony and Jeremy to go to the nearest store to pick up Beer, hard liquor necessary items. Tony and Jeremy, please do this task ASAP!

" on it,” Tony and Jeremy said at the same time and left the house.

" Lexi I have you down to set up the chairs out here on the back porch and the campfire on the beach and the grill. ”

" yes I am on It ”

I walked down the steps down on the side of the house to the beach and started gathering sticks and weeds to put in the fire pit that was already there. Completing the fire pit set up.

Walking back up the stairs on the side of the house to the back porch unfolding beach chairs cleaning the grill.

I sat down on a beach chair as I watched the waves crash against the shore.

The sliding glass door opened as tony with his blond hair and muscle body came out with two bud light bottles.

In his arms.

" here Lex ” I took the cold beer from Tony’s hand.

Putting the beer under my shirt twisting the bottle cap off.

I took a sip of the bud light

" So Lex is this paradise or what? ”

" yeah Tony it is paradise”

Jeremy and Jessica came out to the back porch with open beers in hand.

" Hey guys ”

" Hey Jeremy thanks for the beer and food tony and I said in unison

" welcome guys ”

We all toasted to spring break taking a swig of our beers.

Sunset came quickly with the orange-amber sun receding over the water until all that was left was a burning orange Line in the sky. Turning the knobs on the grill off, opening the sliding glass doors taking the plates of burgers inside.

We prepared our plates fast we ate and had beers with our food.

We finished eating and headed down to the beach carrying chairs and a cooler full of beers and hard liquor.

Unfolding the chairs around the fire pit, placed cooler in the middle so we could all access it.

I Poured charcoal lighter fluid into the pit lit it. Flames danced high and popped.

Taking beers out of the cooler tossing everyone a beer before sitting down.

Putting the beer bottle to my lips taking a sip, noticing a group walking toward us.

" Heads up everyone, people coming our way ”

Tony reacted with ” huh ? ”

Jeremy reacted with ” why are they trying to ruin our night ?”

Jessica glued to iPhone 8 screen planning tomorrow’s agenda didn’t even notice.

A group of people approached

" We want you to be aware, three shark attacks happened rite here last week resulting in death. Victims mangled bodies washed ashore with arms ripped to shreds

legs missing chunks exposed tensor fascia lata

muscles hanging from the bone. ”

Police haven’t found the shark responsible ”

" Thanks for the information ”

Group turned around and left

" Probably just trying to scare us,” Tony said as he took another swig of his beer.

All of us turned in for the night some of us sleeping on the couch, some of us sleeping in bedrooms.

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