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my nightmare diary. this with any psychological trauma or mental illness or if you just have nightmare in general will relate. these ...... are my nightmares

Horror / Poetry
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The children the children

I keep getting this nightmare about this deranged jiadist woman who lived across from me. She adopted some children from romania to recruit in to the cause when they were old enough to read.

This woman i should call bleep would not treat her children like kids but like objects to yell scream and beat like at the russian army but much worse. They werent suppose to bring me into their house but they did. I saw jihadist flags, al Qaeda flags and Islamic art and nothing but that. I saw first hand the distrubing torture the this kids were subjected to.

But what i saw was the tip of a an iceberg the size of that i was band and i never saw the kids physically ever again as that they were murdered by the mouth.

I am plagued by visions of the children and that house of horrors. I keep seeing the arabian calligraphy and the hellish flags in my mind as they tell me their horrific grousem deathes in their mothers basement.

And wanting me to expose there mother and hell give them justice. This i have been plagued with since age 29.

The latest was that they were force to play a tom Clancy game to prepare for the unholy holy war.

I dont know any of you have dreams about people coming to you from beyound the grave to tell you how they died. This one was a big one for me.

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