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In loving memory

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Why is everyone leaving me? What'd I do to deserve this Why can't I be happy? Someone tell me before I go insane!!! Anya Max-Thurman had suffered tragedy to tragedy, she was so hurt that it didnt even bother her anymore One day she made a wrong turn on her way to school and encountered a house, and the moment she stepped in... Her entire life changed

Horror / Romance
Mun Eunji
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...What is it?...

"What is what?-"



"I-...You're insane..."

...Won't talk?...You're just like the rest of them...


"Wait...n-no! NO-"


'It's not fair... how come everyone gets to be happy,except me?...' I think as I shower to freshen up for the day ahead of me. I could tell today would be no different from every other day...sh*tty.

As I step out of the shower, I wrap my towel around my body and travel to the mirror

"Is it because I'm not pretty?" I ask myself, I stare at my caramel colored skin, its hiding nothing but bones...I look anorexic...

The dark circles surrounding my dark brown eyes look like black holes that could suck anything out of existence... I haven't slept in days.

I disregard the thoughts as I slip on my school uniform, consisting of a red skirt, black shirt, red blazer, black Knee-high socks and black flats. I was very uncomfortable with the length of my skirt, it ended mid thigh.

I walked out and descended the staircase not too far from my bathroom, My mom was waiting for me in the kitchen.

"Good morning Anya, how'd you sleep sweetheart?" She asks me in a welcoming tone, I hesitated

"Fine...and you?" I said while laying my head in my the crook of my elbow on the kitchen counter,

"You didnt sleep did you?.."She asks, I shake my head, no, "Anya Freddie-Charles Max-Thurman...."When she says my full government name, I know I've done something wrong.

"You can crusify me later mom, I gotta get to school" I stand up and walk through my front door without another word.

As I'm walking, I pull out my phone to listen to music on the way, but I see a message. From my snapchat.

When I open the message, I see it's from my boyfriend.

Myles:Hey babe...how are you feeling?

Me: I'm all good, nothing to worry about

Myles: You sure, I haven't seen you alot in the past month

Me: Um...yeah I've been sick alot, my phones about to die, I'll text you when I get to school.

Myles:Um... k then, see you later love

I turn off my phone and tightly hold it in my hand as I turn on my depressing music. The past month has not been alright,

My father Charles Max-Thurman was a famous rapper back in the 90's, he was still very famous these days, he was shot after a drug deal went wrong. He died the minute me and mom arrived at the hospital, we only had time to say one goodbye, nothing else.

It messed me and mom up real bad, after we found out why...I hurt alot, but I guess that's just part of life, everyone has secrets, even when they dont know it.

Anyway, as I continued my way to school, I walk past an old looking house that I'd never really seen before. Did I take a wrong turn?

I look around and see I'm on the wrong street....

Damn it...I'm gonna be late for school

I look behind me ,but then turn my attention back to the old looking house, "it's a bit cold, and I dont think anyone's in there...hm...I'll go in." I think to myself. My feet begin to move towards the house without my permission, it's as if they had a mind of their own.

Once I reached the front porch of the house, my hand raised to the ragged door knob, it was cold and looked like it'd fall off any moment

As I twist the door and push the door open, I feel a hard gust of wind crawl against my skin, goosebumps begin to pop up like weasels.

My feet begin to move once again, I'm begin to shiver, it's pretty cold. My eyes travel around the living room and I notice a huge chandelier hanging from the unreachable ceiling of the two story building, I start to get dizzy the longer I stare up at the ceiling

When I lower my head top continue to walk, I feel another gust of wind crawl across my ear.

...hello sweetheart...

My body freezes, I don't even bother to jump, "What? Who's there?" I ask, while shaking uncontrollably,

...you may not know me, but I know you, Anya Freddie-Charles Max-Thurman...

"What do you want?, how do you know who I am?...that's a bit creepy, are you a pedo?"

P-pedo? What? No...I'm your new sorce of happiness Anya...you've always wanted to feel happy, am I correct?...

"Yes...but are you good or evil, and I wanna see who you are" i say as the trembling begins to slow down, I would've thought this voice was in my head and that I was just imagining things

But I just had a whole conversation with a some I think supernatural-pedo-man...

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a tall figure step out of the shadows, my neck almost snaps with how quick i turn it

He walks up to me slowly, I can't speak, I'm petrified. I look at his face,

And he's fuckin handsome

His hair is black and dark blueish, long enough to be put in a pony tail, parted in the middle, he's wearing a white button up shirt with black pants. To of his button loose. His eyes are bright blue. His figure is very muscular, I gawk at the sight of this beautiful man in front of me.

"Hello Anya...by the look on your face, I can tell that you like what you see" he says giving me a sensual smirk, my heart beat speeds up.

...god damn...

"U-uh, no, now answer my question, are you a good person or evil?" I say stuttering, he puts his firm hand on my shoulder, "I'm whatever you want me to be Babe" he chuckles with that same sensual smirk on his face

My eyes go wide at the nickname, "Babe?, um, I have a boyfriend... and isnt it a bit too early for you to be giving me a nickname?, I don't even know your name..." I explain

He suddenly blushes, "What's wrong,? Do you not want me to know your name" I ask, he sighs " I go by Nelo" he says in short, I can tell that's not his real name, but I go with it.

"Okay then...Nelo...um, so what do you want with me sir" I ask, he takes my hand, his hand is cold, "close you eyes honey" he says in a low voice, my heart jumps but I close my eyes, about five seconds later, I feel a sharp pain across the palm of my hand, I almost scream but I bit my lip to hold it in

Soon the pain lessens and I feel his hand on top of mine, "w-what did you do?" I ask while shivering once again, my eyes are still closed, but I begin crying from fear, "Shh, it's okay sweetheart, this is only gonna hurt for a little bit, and it's just a tiny little pinch okay?" He explains in a soft voice, I nod, but coninue to cry silently.

About five seconds later, I begin to feel dizzy, I could barely stand up straight, "N-nelo... what g-going on?, I can dont feel well," I say as I feel myself fall back, then everything stops... I dont feel the pain anymore, I cant see anything, and my eyes won't open.

Ugh...I passed out. What did he do to me?

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