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Everything was normal at Kawahara Academy until a new student comes and deaths start occurring, normally around Shoichi. Female students have been mysteriously murdered and no one knows what is going on until rumors have started that a murderer is running around the school.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

My name is Shoichi Tanabe.

You’ll probably not going to believe in this story once you read what happened to me. But I will tell you it happened, I never had a thought that I would be stalked down by a mad-woman.

Someone that has this crazy obsession with me, killing those to keep away from her prize.

I’ve always read stories of crazy stalkers that kept following people they were obsessed with. I didn’t think those stories were true or real, I always thought it was a good story that was well written...


I was wrong.

Very, Very wrong.

Now I know these stories ARE real. Very, real.

To feel the paranoia that someone is following you to always look over your shoulder.

I never expected to happen to me at all, nor it was happening at Kawahara Academy either.

I experienced this...

I experienced the feeling of being watched, the constant looking over my shoulder, the rush of adrenaline.

I now know how they all felt, now that I experienced the same thing.

But mine was different than other stories, it was more of a murderous psycho that roamed the halls.

Roamed the streets, killing those that were around me.

This person saw me as their prize, others as their rivals that were going to steal my affection. I experienced this trauma, realizing how dangerous this person was.

She nearly killed my friend but slain our other friends.

She saw me as her prize of affection, saw me as her one and only, and swore to never share.

Just thinking about her sends chills up my spine.

How foolish I was of not thinking that she was a predator and that I was her prey. She has hidden her predatory senses very well, slaughtering those who were alone.

But when she revealed herself to me one day, it showed me an unhinged psychopath or a EUPD.

She had this obsession for me when she first came into the school.

I dare not say her name, I fear for my own safety that she might be still around.


Waiting to take me again, I can’t let her kidnap me.

I cannot.

I can’t let her know where I live, who I am with, nor where I work.

It is unsafe for me to say her name...

Hah, listen to me...I feel like I’m already crazy...

That’s what people always gave me; it looks that if ever I’m telling a crazy story about her.

But what do they know?

Have they experienced a monster that walked in the halls of their school?

To feel uneasy a bit when they said that a student was murdered?

Then another; fear. That another one was murdered.

Then another.





That everlasting terror in your gut knowing that one of you might be the one that is killing those girls.

Friends that you know, slowly separating because of the paranoia of not knowing if you are the murderer.

They don’t understand nor will they understand that fear.

That gripping fear.

That nauseating, sickly, twisted, feeling in your gut.

That feeling will never go away.

The grip has on you after you felt true fear in your being.

How the walls close in on you, suffocating.

Just suffocating you.

Wrapping its hands around your throat closing off the air.

Making sure you can’t breathe or even think.

They never experienced what I had to face.

Nor what others had to face, they experienced this fear.

They live with this fear to this day, even though it ended.

They know the terror of those murdered is over.

But they are still frightened and became untrusting of new students.

Who can blame them though?

They were part of a gripping nightmare at Kawahara Academy.

All of them were part of this nightmare that never seemed to end.

But now, they can breathe because the nightmare ended.

But still, live with that fear in themselves.

I did say I wasn’t going to say her name in this story since I want to protect myself.

So we are going to give her a fake name.

Her name will be Sanako.

This is my story on how I became a target for a predator.

How I became prey to a Yandere.

How she spread her terror in Kawahara.

How she murdered those she saw as rivals for my affection.

How she kidnapped me so that no one can have me.

But most of all...

How she tortured me once she got me in her claws.

How I got out and she chased me even Renora to escape her wrath.

How we escaped a psycho’s wrath.

Made it out alive after her terror.

But most of all... The story is about survival.

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