Suicide forest

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young man thinks he has the balls to go to the haunted and hellish suicide forest with out a scratch on him. he was dared by his ffriend.

Horror / Poetry
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Ancient death cult curse

As the shamaness told her amazons to kill themselves after goibg buzark

In battle

The do so in a forest nother of modern day Warsaw their they will fall on their swords, hang theselver or torture eachother to death in a dark forest

Where their bodies float in a river

Then raise from the dead

As demented wooden statues

There they stand in the forest

Their evil spirits haunting the forest

Fircing any who enter to kill the selves slowly and painfully.

This place

Was were some of the victims of the holocaust were cut down by bullet

And were

Grizzlie suicides

Of buzzar method


He or she who enter

Enter a truely evil places

Some say it is radiation that cause this horrific deathes but some say insanity

But we can all agree that it is demonic possession

Be ware when entering

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